War-Sailor Sekhmet Picture

"It's not enough for a mother to take good care of her children. It is her duty to protect her children as well, and in times of conflict, if you must fight for the greater good of humanity and the future of your child, then.....as your sworn duty as a mother, you must fight in war."

-War-Sailor Sekhmet, The Mother Warrior, The Relentless One, The Lady Sekhmet

This Senshi is unique, one-of-a-kind within the Order of the Star Warriors. For she is not an individual Senshi at all; instead, she is the second incarnation of one of the highest and gentlest Sailor Senshi of the Star Warriors. War-Sailor Sekhmet is the second Senshi form of Delia Ketchum, she who is known as Exalted Sailor Hathor within the Star Warriors.

By assuming the identity of the ancient Egyptian goddess as her Senshi form, Delia not only inherited the love and motherly power of the mythological goddess. She also inherited something else: Hathor's darker side as a vengeful goddess of war. Sekhmet, in the Egyptian mythos, is the violent goddess of war, the lioness of death in the tales of Ancient Egypt. Some say she was an independent goddess in her own right, but a persistent tale speaks of how Sekhmet was actually the darker personality of the goddess Hathor. The tale speaks of how the sun god Ra sent Sekhmet to the earth to punish man for his transgressions, but so strong was the bloodlust of the war goddess that she actually brought mankind to the brink of extinction. Ra, so dismayed over his folly and disgusted by Sekhmet's bloody rampage, tricked the goddess into stopping her killing by spilling beer that was colored the tone of red blood into her path. Believing it to be the blood of those she killed, the bloodthirsty goddess drank and drank until she went into such a stupor that she could no longer fight. Thus was mankind saved, and Sekhmet reborn as the goddess Hathor, she who embodied love and motherhood.

This is the legacy that Delia has inherited, and thus, she remains the only Senshi of the Star Warriors to have a second incarnation. As War-Sailor Sekhmet, she undergoes another transformation. Her long, flowing dress disappears and is replaced by a standard Sailor fuku, though this one is geared for battle. Her staff vanishes and in its place lie an assortment of bladed weapons. The sun disk and horns of Hathor are also gone, replaced by the sun and uraeus that is the symbol of Sekhmet. In addition, Delia herself no longer becomes a peaceful, motherly figure. Her personality still remains, but she now becomes a warrior of incredible skill and martial honor. Anyone who has faced her in combat while in this form is humbled, for as War-Sailor Sekhmet, Delia becomes a fighter without peer. She remains in control, and can switch back to her first form whenever she wishes. She primarily changes to this form in times of war.

Items and Weapons

Khopesh blade- she still retains the same khopesh sickle-blade she wields in her Hathor incarnation.

Ceremonial battle axe- her second primary weapon, the battle axe is magically enchanted to project flaring arcs of lightning deadly to all who cross paths with Delia whilst in her War-Sailor form. The steel of the blade is also quite deadly.

Egyptian single-edged axe and dagger- completing her arsenal are a dagger and single-edged axe strapped to her sides, to be used for really close combat.

Known attacks

As War-Sailor Sekhmet, Delia has no known attacks, her martial prowess and warrior spirit being the only weapons she needs. Those who have seen her fight as the War-Sailor say it's like nothing they've ever seen before. She seems to be like a berserker, fighting and killing with reckless abandon. But those who look deeper see that she is a consummate fighter and an honorable warrior. Many of the Senshi who have fought beside her say that her battle prowess equals those of ancient heroes like Achilles, Arjuna, Hector, and Leonidas, but most likely this is just lurid storytelling. There is no doubting Delia's incredible combat expertise when she assumes her War-Sailor form, however; it comes as a complete surprise to those who face her in her peaceful incarnation of Sailor Hathor; they never expect a warrior beneath the peaceful mother that she is.

Decided that my Sailor Hathor should have a second form, terraluna5.deviantart.com/art/… that of a Senshi based from the Egyptian goddess of war, Sekhmet. And yes, the tale of the goddesses Sekhmet and Hathor being one and the same is true. You can find the story in Egyptian creation tales. Enjoy.
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