Midgard - Svalinn Picture

Named after a Norse shield that stood before the sun

Svalinns are about as closely related to the Midgardians that Humans are to marmosets. Seeing as they do not use tools, have no known language and cannot build shelters, they are clearly less intelligent than the natives. They can however coordinate attacks in group to take down larger animals. Despite being well armored, they are relatively fast runners, one of the fastest armored animals ever known. A few individuals can chase an Auohumbla ([link]) into an ambush where they will be pinned to the ground.

Svalinns do not have very powerful jaws or claws. Instead, their forelimbs have evolved into poisonous daggers and several stabs from a group will paralyse their victim. But they do not create the poison themselves. Svalinns are actually omnivorous and need to get their toxins from plants. They venture outside of the caves during the night period to feed on algae trees that herbivores have recently visited. Botanists have learned that plants on Earth release toxic chemicals when their leaves are being eaten to prevent being consumed entirely by animals. The same strategy is used by Midgard's trees, and the Svalinns exploit those chemicals to create their toxins.

"This creature's design was inspired by a cooked clay figure that my oldest brother made once. In turn, I think his sculpture was inspired by a creature from the Starcraft franchise."

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