Fairy vote , Anju's powers Picture

Thanks to Eleanor-devil to help me with strength unto my beloved Anju shall get to help me choose one of these Magix Winx and forces. I'll explain a bit about why she also has these powers.

1- Fairy ot Mythts.
Anju is blind, but has a strong bond with mythological creatures, like her father drakare for example. She feels safe with them, for them not judging her blindness as ordinary people do. She's easy to talk to them and understand them better.

2 -Fairy of Light and aurora.

Attributed that she is blind, she can see the light. In the evenings there will an Aurora across the sky, attributed to people do not think Anju can see them, she can. She can see colors and light, giving her a joy in a colorless, black world iadditional her eyes.

3- Faiyr of Oasis.

Anju entrusted into blindness, finds joy in being at Oasierna found around her planet. She could feel the heat from the sun and the cold water at her feet, giving her a will diminish protection. She can control oasierna and illusonerna, even Eww, she can control.

I hope you like this ^^ I will go and eat something, for me to go shopping for an hour, so we'll see you later tonight and take the opportunity to vote, the voting will end on Thursday, the day I start school.

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