Digimon Inferno: Ladomon Picture

Pronunciation: LAY-doh-mon

Name origin: Ladon, Greek mythological serpent dragon that guarded the golden apples.

Family: Virus Busters

Type: Dragon

Stage: Rookie

Attribute: Vaccine

Height: 2'9"

Partner: Eloise

Element: Light


Ladomon is quiet, reserved and compassionate. She often listens in on other Digimon and only joins a conversation if she feels she needs to; when she does, she has a pretty good sense of humour. She is not a fan of conflict of any kind, be it a battle or a simple argument, and will often hide behind Colchimon the moment a spar breaks out.

She has an interesting relationship with Colchimon; the two have been together since they hatched, and have always supported each other, even through the onslaught of Fire Digimon. She is rather co-dependent, and when nobody’s around to help her she can become very stressed, although she’d never dare complain. She gets nervous and tends to hold back if he isn’t around, and will find it difficult to fight to her full potential unless he’s there. When the two are together though, they bounce off each other flawlessly in battle, moving in perfect symmetry and boosting each other’s power to a surprising level.

Being a Digimon of Light, Ladomon has a hesitant nature when it comes to the unexplainable and the suspicious. Aside from Colchimon, she always feels uneasy around virus and dark-type Digimon (and Kai), more out of instinct than anything personal. She is not only weakened during night-time; she is also afraid of the dark. While she may sometimes seem fragile, however, Ladomon has a clear sense of morality and will always fight for the things, and the people, she believes in.


  • Sun Spear
    • Ladomon’s tail glows white and she fires a small beam towards her opponent.
  • Blinding Stare
    • Ladomon stares into an opponent’s eyes, flashing a bright light and temporarily blinding them.


Her feathers shimmer with every movement she makes, occasionally giving the illusion of rainbows on her skin. Her hovering ability is more mystical levitation than true flight, and she uses her spiralling coils to move around with surprising agility, although she lacks any true power in her wings.


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