Rahu Picture

This little guy, and his moon, are very close to my heart. Rahu is the Sanskrit name for Dragon's Head - the Moon's North node, and so, having become a dragon's head on my page, he pretty much named himself, and I had no choice but to give him the moon to play with.

In Hindu mythology Rahu is a dragon who made himself immortal by stealing some elixir of divine life from the Gods. Legend has it that Lord Vishnu cut Rahu in half, but unable to deprive him of his immortality, exiled him from earth. So he became the constellation Draco, his head called Rahu, and tail Ketu - astronomically speaking, the Moon's ascending and descending nodes. Using his appendage as a weapon, he has ever since waged a destructive war on the denouncers of his robbery, the Sun and the Moon, which he swallows during an eclipse.
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