JudeoChristian God YHVH (Yahweh) V2 Picture

I was listening to this while I was making this. www.youtube.com/watch?v=ao5Fii…

I'm not really sure if I have to much to explain other than I made my own fictionalized version of the JudeoChristian God YHVH, or Yahweh, Jehovah, Adonai, Allah, yhwh, or simply god as he is commonly referred to as by most people today, for my own fictional setup, which is, admittedly somewhat influenced by shin megami tensei. Besides, every once in a while your always going to see some fictionalized version of the Abrahamic god somewhere. This one has a twist however!

This image, or design for him I did is just something I did out of pure artistic liberty, it's likely not true to the canon of the original mythological lore around him from his respective source material, (albeit, said source material being riddled with inconsistancies.) But neither is any other artist rendition of God(maybe), some being more creative with their depictions of God(Yahweh), so there's that. I also thought I remembered hearing about something in the kabala mentioning the "true form" of this guy resembling a ball of light which sounded very suspiciously similar to the description of the sun. But I don't exactly remember it and I might have to go look at that a little bit more, in fact I might have to look at more stuff about this deity just to get more ideas and inspiration, plus background info as unfortunately my knowledge on this deity is more limited than it use to be, since I hadn't been reading up on him as much as I use to. But! I'm going to look at Sumerian mythology as there are a lot of similarities to it and biblical myths, plus other mythologies that might have likely inspired biblical and Jewish mythologies respectively. I'm also going to get some ideas from the ancient aliens conspiracy mythos (which are long debunked btw) just to pull some more ideas and inspirations for some of the more sci-fi aspects of what I'm cooking up.

Also this design I posted is the redesigned version as the title suggest! The first design I did is left in my account from the other art site, likely not to be brought over to this one as I didn't liked the design of the original as much. I honestly thought the first design I did for him wasn't very good, and not exactly as I had on mind. Link here! www.furaffinity.net/view/20952…

In this design, in addition to being redesigned! I was trying to go for what vaguely looked like a disembodied floating arena argonian head, this type of argonian btw(static4.wikia.nocookie.net/_..…) while still maintaining the characteristics of his Shin megami tensei design. Since this is a redesigned version, the new design looks a little bit better, but still isn't exactly what I had on mind, but is close. I figured I might as well keep practicing with this one until I have the desired design. Admittedly, he does look a lot scarier in this design than in the last one, I probably might try to colour it though, then still be working on his design a bit more as I don't like how the eyes turned out.
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