DXT2 Green Hope Army Collection members Picture

Here, Green Hope Army's collection.

Name origin: "florero" is "vase" in Spanish.
Level: Rookie
Gender: male
Attribute: Vaccine
Type: Plant Digimon
Family: Nature Spirits, Wind Guardians
*Sunny Flower: he fires a sunlight beam throught the sun drawn on his chest.
*Double Leaf: he throws two leaves to cut his opponents.
Personality: he is the most cheerful and funniest member in Green Hope Army. He loves sunbathing and enjoying himself.
Trivial and history: although he doesn't have legs, he can move jumping with a great agility. He was the partner digimon of an old friend of Dany, but many years ago she abandoned him. In 2010, Dany found him again, and after some circumstances, Florermon became the first member in Dany's army, so Dany, Simpamon and Florermon are great friends. Now, they meet again in Digi-Quartz.

Name origin: from "negra cara", in Spanish is "black face".
Level: Rookie
Gender: male
Attribute: Data
Type: Winter Digimon
Family: Deep Savers, Unknows
*Snowy Shield: he protects himself or some other with his shield.
*Freezing Projection: he freezes something or someone he has in front.
*Snow Aura: he produces a little snowfall around him.
Personality: a bit shy, really kind and not really talkative. He doesn't like battles, but he never refuses to help his friends.
Trivial and history: Dany met him in 2002, and Necamon joined Green Hope Army in 2011. Recently, he digivolved from his in-training level to that rookie level form. Although Necamon wears his coat everytime, even in summer, he never is hot, because of his freezing power. He will appear again in Digi-Quartz.

Name origin: from "burgado" or "burgaíllo", in Spanish is a kind of winkle.
Level: Ultimate / Perfect
Gender: female
Attribute: Virus
Type: Mollusk Digimon
Family: Deep Savers
*Obsidian Protection: she protects herself inside her ball-like shell.
*Red Cut: she attacks cutting with her pincers.
Personality: Burgamon is a friendly, mature and quiet digimon. She is pretty wise, and usually gives good pieces of advice.
Trivial: her shell is a perfect ball with two painted spirals. She can't move quickly, but her shell is really hard.

Vikaralamon (Data)
Name origin: from the mythological "Vikarãla".
Level: Ultimate/ Perfect
Gender: male
Attribute: Data
Type: Beast Digimon
Family: Nature Spirits, Nightmare Soldiers
*Boar Bog: he regurgitates black sticky goo from its mouth.
*Red Boring Beam: he fires a red beam that bores the opponent.
Personality: stubborn, moody, uneasy and aggressive.
Trivial: a wild digimon eventually hunted by Dany. This Vikaralamon is a non-deva version of the original Vikaralamon.

Name origin: from "bacterium".
Level: Mega
Gender: males and females
Attribute: Virus
Type: Plague Digimon
Family: Nightmare Soldiers
*Blue Infection: they transmit an illness touching a victim.
*Thousands of Hungry Mouths: they all together devour a victim.
Personality: it's a collective that acts as a single entity. They are dangerous and difficult to understand, and their level of understanding is almost nonexistent, since they act by their instinct to devour their victims.
Trivial: although they act as one, there are male and female Bacterimonz.

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