Curse of the Everfree forest Picture

Deep in the Everfree forest, a small group of ponies trudged through the over grown foliage; one of the hundreds of rumors about the forest piqued their curiosities. Three fillies and two colts, the ponies continued their trek around the trees and avoided the poison joke.

"Guys, I really don't think this was a good idea...." The grey, wall-eyed filly said, sticking close behind a purple unicorn. "We don't know how far we are into the forest, and we could be lost." Ditzy-Doo cowered, hiding under her wings.

"No worries, Ditzy!" A lime green Pegasus pony comforted her. "Six Shot knows his way around the Everfree forest like the back of his hoof!" Lullaby grinned and looked at the cobalt blue colt leading the group. "Right?"

"Yeah. I practically grew up here." He boasted, before the purple unicorn butted in.

"No you didn't, we grew up in an apartment in Manehattan." Sugar Cube, his older sister, corrected with a frown. "And we better get home before Celestia raises the sun, by the way. I'd like to have some sleep before work." Six Shot just rolled his eyes and continued leading the group farther into the dark woods.

"A-yeah...." The larger red colt, Big Macintosh, agreed. "The apples are comin' in early this year, 'n me and Applejack gotta' be ready for tha' harvest. Ah' can't be out too late, Shot." He looked behind him, he was at the back of the group. Big Mac couldn't shake the feeling that they were being followed.

A recent rumor had been going around Ponyville. About the Everfree forest being haunted by a ghostly-pale pony. No pony knew specifics, but every story linked back to an outcrop near the center of the forest. Six Shot had been doing a little research on the rumor, nothing in any book at the library mentioned anything about a pony in mythology, or history, or in fiction being as terrifying as the townsponies of Ponyville had been describing.

So he decided to do some field work on the matter. He rustled together his best buddies; Sugar Cube, Lullaby, Ditzy-Doo, and Big Macintosh, then they headed out.

Granted he really didn't explain in detail about what they would be doing out in the forest, but they each agreed so easily, he didn't want to scare them off....

A little something I started working on, but never finished. DX It went along with the Slender Mane hype- I still love the idea, I just don't think I'll finish it..... Ah well.

This picture was a lot of fun to make though, the dramatic lighting just adds that bit of mysteriousness to it.
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