Sky-grazer Picture

"Tell us the story the Sky-grazers again, father."

"Haha, alright alright.


...Ever wondered why the clouds form shapes of great beasts, winged and all horn-crested? The ancients once lived in the era of these creatures - bright the sun was then, never hidden by the clouds we see today for there were none. But brighter still were the Sky-grazers - their hide was as if cast from volcano and their innards as hot as the lava within. However the capabilities of their power were never unleashed as the ancients, in fear of ever seeing it, were driven to an act of overwhelming magnitude. Mustering their power in a veil of white magic they cast it across the land and transformed these mighty creatures into near incorporeal forms - ever changing and flying across the sky. Long has it been since the sky-grazers flew of their own accord, yet suggestion of their return comes when their fiery core ignites again, causing their cold barrier to evaporate and fall on our heads. Perhaps we Sky-gazers will see the Sky-grazers once more."


So, this was just a 10-minute painting of a cloud, nothing fancy - then I went to write the description, and that accidentally fell out.
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