Fan TrOll Picture

Your name is CORNEN RETIAA. You are a 7 SWEEP OLD Troll.

You have many interests, though none of them are particularly interesting. Chiefly, you enjoy STARGAZING AND OTHER DISCIPLINES OF ASTRONOMY. You enjoy brightly colored things and things that glow, because they remind you of the SUN. You also take some interest in studying SPIRITUALITY, ASTROLOGY, MYTHOLOGIES, and STUPID OLD SCIENCES THAT DON'T MAKE ANY SENSE, even though you believe these all to be LARGELY FICTITIOUS. You have always aspired to obtain some sort of aspiration. You also own a pair of TOTALLY SWEET LASER VISION GOGGLES, which are equipped to your strife deck.

You have been known to chat with various acquaintances on Trollian, and your handle is amicableOcculators. You <color=#f4f42b>y⊙⊙s⊙⊙ally enunciate clearly and speak with a warm, s⊙ft sp⊙ken, and r⊙und v⊙ice</color>

Finally finished Homestuck. Celebratory character design.
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