The Scales Picture

Libra, The Scales who's reign is from September 24 to October 23

Drawing based on these -

-Sign and Anatomy together- Libra's sign said to be of a setting sun or a approximately equal to sign and Sagittarius's body part is the waist/hips and bottom, I went with the hips.

- Mythology representative- The Scales. I stared out with some kind of belt but it was ...weird looking. so I decided to used bags against her hips to be scale... like... things.

- Jewel/Gem/Stone - Libra's stone is the Sapphire and also is one of September's birthstone which part of the Libra's reign.

-Color(s)- Libra's Colors are Purple's, Blue's and Gold


-Personalizes people associate with it (kinda-sort of)- Personalizes people associate the sign Libra's I used in mind while creating: Diplomatic, Urbane ,Self-indulgent, Fancy, Preppy, Sociable, Gullible,Romantic but could be flirtatious.

Please the don't mind the disproportion-ness, I'm not good at that.

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