The Grand Warriors - The Primordial Picture

The first in a series of characters I'm working on, based on people I know, kinda turned into anime mythological representations, and kind of a MOBA feel to the characters (I.E. League Of Legends). If I know you and you want a representation, just message me, I actually want to try. The first is actually supposed to be my warrior self. I was also trying my hand at cell shading and leather effects, what do you think?

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Warrior Title: The Primordial
Species: Primordial (Specifically Vuxus, chaos beast)
Height: 8ft
Weight: Approx. 200lbs, however due to gravity abilities, assumed several dozens times heavier.pupils
Eyes: Black, with white pupils.
Hair: Unknown, always hides it, if any.

Primary Class: Fighter Secondary Class: Mage
Motif: Cosmic Hunger
Elements: Darkness, Fire, Metal
Combat Style: Animalistic Opportunist
Weapon: Everything, and anything (Prefers a 5ft absurdly dense metal rod)
Magic: Energy Beams, Gravity, Storage, Explosives
Stats & Rankings:
- Strength:9
- Speed: 9
- Defense: 5
- Intelligence: 7
- Magic: 9
- Magic Reserve: 4
- Magic Resist: Majority 9, Ice 4, Lightning 4
Info: An extremely dangerous and enigmatic psychopath that was discovered living in the western wastes, in literally a hole in the ground. The Primordial is a very unstable individual whose been given way too much power, seeking at most times a good fight, a good drink, a good joke, or a good (I'm not saying that here! . . . NO! I don't care that I'm getting paid for this! I have integrity!). He's also a very odd person (If you can call it a HE, or a person at all, I'm pretty sure it can change sex organs at will, weird as hell. Anyway, I'm calling it a he for now.) spending any time not causing havoc working on art, or just walking through nature, in fact it's really quite unusual, while people are terrified of him, animals seem to flock to him, despite his apparently mostly carnivorous diet. His combat ability can only be compared to a rabid form of biogenetically engineered war-beast, wherein he's completely unstoppable when he wants to be, and completely horrifying when he need to be. He is also known as the Black Sun, due to his unusual use of both high intensity fire, and crippling darkness. Now, he's engrossed in the league of combatants known as The Grand Heroes, where his promethean destructive potential can be fully explored, much to the terror of the other heroes.
Likes: Nature, Art, Horrifying Things, and Stupid Jokes.
Dislikes: Too Many People, Buzzkills, Electricity, and Spiders.
Favorite Food: Nachos, kind of obvious if you stay around him for more than 10 minutes.
Favorite Music: Epic Soundtracks!
Favorite Television: Anime.
Favored Mode Of Transport: Pipes, yes, like a Ninja Turtle.
Place Of Residence: A Deep, deep, deep, bunker on the outskirts of Primus City... he likes the dark.
Sexual Preference: Women, he doesn't really have a set gender, so he has to be specific about what he likes. He prefers being male though.

Theme song:

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