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Okay so I got this idea a few days ago to make a character that was a Trickster mainly because of the tv show Supernatural. The Trickster episodes are among my favorites! XD I wish that I could get him into Arcadium but I already have two characters. But in any case Seth is a friend of my Arcadium student Acheron. Read the bio to find more info :3

Name: Seth (Set)
Age: Unknown (looks 18-20)
Species: Trickster (demi-god)
Height: 5'7"
Hails from: Egypt

Primary Power: Illusions (He can create anything out of thin air, things that are real as a human being and make them disappear just as easily. As a trickster Seth enjoys tageting the high and mighty and taking them down a peg. Usually with "deadly pranks".)

Secondary Power: Shapeshifting (usually a coyote, raven, or hare), Immortality

History: Seth was the Egyptian god of the desert, storms, and chaos until Ra and the other gods of the Egyptian pantheon took away his god status and banished him from Egypt forever. The reason behind his banishment was that Set (as he was known as a god) kept "tricking" the Pharaohs and the other gods basically got fed up with it. But they did allow him to keep his powers, he was never able to use them in Egypt but he did travel the world causing mischief. He looked for a target, a person who was trying to hoist themself above the norms of the community at the expense of the community.

After his banishment he travelled around Europe for hundreds of years. One day when he was in England he met with Ra, the Sun God of the Egyptian pantheon. Ra felt pity for Set and gave him a gold ankh that Seth wears around his neck. With the ankh he can communicate with Ra without going back to Egypt. Set was a fierce warrior despite his lazy attitude and was Ra's protecter for centuries.

During his wanderings he met Acheron in California, when Ash had left the orphanage. Obviously Seth is the one that initiated the friendship and started following Ash around (usually as a raven). Seth even follows Ash to Arcadium just to see what it was like. He decided to stick around and have a little fun with the students.

Personality: Some would say Seth is sort of an ass, which is somewhat true. But that mostly comes from what he is. Being that he was a god, Seth often goes on long rants about his demotion to demi-god status. He is a total goofball, is funny, and is quite lazy. He loves candy, because all Tricksters have a sweet tooth.


Seth's Animal forms: [link]

Here's some Mythology on Set: [link] And Tricksters: [link]

It sucks that I can't submit him but he doesn't have to enroll to have a little fun messing with the pricks on campus XD XD I thought it would be so funny to have him, and it's nice to have a character who is the total opposite of Ash.

Anyways I hope you guys like him.

Artwork, Seth, Ash (c) me
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