Let Me Fall Picture

My scanner ate the details of this liek woah, but I decided to color it anyway. XD This is Catoir obviously~ I love him muchly and miss writing for him, so I came up with a story I could use him and other currently inactive characters in. I don't really want to write out a whole summary for it since I'll probably post it up somewhere else anyway.

Anyway! All of the main characters get something that's sort of like a "summon", only not really since it's a physical manifestation of their own being and wishes. I don't want to say it's a full manifestation of their soul or anything, but you get the idea. Aaand to make it easier for me I decided to base them all on mythological birds. Catoir's is Sampati~ a demi-god from Hindu mythology! He's a son of Aruna, a nephew to Garuda, and the older brother of the Vulture King (even though... the rest of the family tree is made up of eagles), Jatayu. His wings were burned off by the sun during a friendly childhood competition between them gone wrong (he was actually protecting Jatayu), so he was physically weaker than his brother, but he was gifted with incredible sight.

And that's all! 8D Yay art?!

*still needs to scan and color the rest of those comics I started* <<;
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