Mayla Kaijiko::Revamp:Sketch Picture

This ref turned out way more crappy than I wanted it to :I but after wrestling with this for over 4 hours yesterday I just don't care how it looks anymore.

So this is Mayla new and improved look! After having a pretty steady design of over 8 years I have finally managed to change her outfit and gave her 4 toes. 4 TOES! YEY.

Name: Mayla Kajiko
Gender: Female
Age: 300+
Species: Kitsune/Reynard
Birthplace: The Deadlands, Inari
Personality: Mayla is a kid at heart. Her biggest attribute is probably her curiosity and naivete. She finds other cultures and religions interesting and longs to leave her homeland to seek out adventure like in the stories she reads. But is clueless to the actual dangers they posses.

Story: Mayla lives on the Asian-like continent Inari, under the territory and rule of the peaceful Tanuki Emperor, 1 of the 4 Emperors of Inari. She is a member of the WhiteFire Kitsune clan, a clan blessed with divine fire from the sun by the goddess Inari herself.

Mayla lives on her own with her Kirin Horse and Fuu dog Hercules. She works as skilled seamstress.

The only thing Mayla loves more than chocolate is her obsession with Greek mythology, particularly her favorite, the demi-god hero Hercules. Mayla dreams of seeing Greece and everything in the great big world beyond the land of Inari. But for some reason, WhiteFires are forbidden to take even one step outside of the Tanuki Emperor's lands.

Sorry for not having anything colored on here. :I 95% of what I did on my break was just sketch. But I do have some colored pieces. c:

And a chibi-May because why not? :I

Mayla Kaijiko and story plot (c) of Meokthanks!
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