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My Eyptian god character, Anuankhra.

Son of Sutekh (Set) and Nepythys, twin brother of the protector of the dead, Anubis. Anuankhra is a god of plagues, disease, death, and chaos, among other small things. He is by far one of the cruelest and unlikeable of all the Egyptian gods. He was unliked by the other gods and by the humans so much because of his monsterous cruelty that he was wiped out from history, erasing any trace of his existance. The snake around his arm, Seyra, is a part of his very being and she is always close or wrapped around him. If they are seperated for long periods of time Anuankhra becomes weaker and he will stop at nothing to get back to her. Seyra can change to any size she wants to but prefers to be a size that will allow her to tangle herself around Anuankhra. Anuankhra himself and Seyra can transform into one large cobra or into a swarm of insects along with a few other things, but those two being the most common. Anuankhra's tongues themselves are snakes, the amount of which varies but is generally three. the same goes for his eyes, he generally has six but he has more of them when he wishes to freak people out, but it is almost always a multiple of three seeing as three is a number he associates with. He is able to switch his gender like his twin Anubis and he is capable of taking a human form as well. Whehn in god form he prefers male, when human he prefers female. he enjoys using humans to do cruel things for his own amusement by convincing them that he will fulfill wishes for them if they do what he say, and seeing as know one knows the sort of being he is, he is very convincing.
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Anuankhra is incredibly cruel and disruptive and creates all sorts of trouble. See the creates? He doesn't cause it, he CREATES trouble. He's pretty much walking death with control over plagues and various other things. Most of what he does gets blamed on Anubis by both the other gods and the humans. In modern days the knowledge of Anuankhra even existing is absolutely nil due to him being so cruel to anyone who would worship him along with those who didn't that they scratched out the knowledge of his existance from their cultures and architechture and everywhere else. This means that in modern days he can twist people around to do his bidding and they will have no idea the sort of sick twisted creature he really is. He GREATLY enjoys pestering his brother with threats of destroying whles and children and entire civilizations. He generally goes through with these threats too just because he can and because he finds it amusing. He's rather snarky and laid back, threats and insults don't bother him generally because they're true and he knows it.
Example of this:
Anubis: One day, you are going to look back and regret all your actions, brother.
Anuankhra: Oh maybe, but at least I know I deserve it.

See? He just doesn't care~ he likes to think of himself as the big brother of the two and he firmly believes that even though they are twins, he
was born before Anubis. Like his brother he can switch between genders at will so he can suddenly POOF be female. Also, if you know anything about Egyptian mythology you may have guessed that I just came up with Anuankhra's name by combining words. Anu, from Anubis, which was one of my main inspirations for him. Ankh, which in Egyptian-ness is the key of life. And Ra, the sun god, but Ra can also be Rheumatoid arthritis, which is also fairly fitting.

I'm not sure what else there is....
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