MCA- Eris Picture

Name: Eris
Weight: 149
Orientation: Heterosexual
Dorm: Pearl
Skill: Eris' main ability is Telekinesis, only moderate but it makes everyday life easy. As long as she could lift the item in real life she can lift it with her mind. Sh can also detect strong emotions from others, this comes in handy if someone is approaching her from somewhere she cannot see- particualrily if they pose a threat to her
Likes: Philosophy( Voltaire is her favorite),light and dainty breads/pastries/cakes(has a major sweet tooth), Song birds, gardening and the occasional scandelous romance novel
Dislikes: load and obnoxious people, noise, outwardly lewd thought(though secretly she thrives on sexy flings in her mind), sparatic behavior, Chaos
Personality: Eris was brought up to be a 'lady' in her little traditional family in Paris, both her parents were Monochromatics of high stature. They had always hoped to have a sun but only managed to have Eris before her mother grew sick and eventually infertile. They had high expectations for her to someday marry into a wealthy family- which meant, quiet, obedient and as Eris would put it 'mindless' behavior. She would rebel against this by reading works of outrageous philosphers works and educating herself against drone, religious society. As a result her parents sent her away to school after school until finally landing in Monochromatic academy. She was shortly after disowned.

While she greatly disagreed with her parents on many things she was devastated by the banishment. This turned her to a quiet, cold exterior personality, making it hard for her to get close to anyone without extreme scrutiny. The friends she does make she keeps very close to her.

Classes: Astrology/Mythology, Dark Arts, History, Sex Ed and Magic Combat

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