Sky Pirate Contest Entry 5 Picture

Contest entry for over at ~Megaman-Legends-Club , their current theme being creating a Sky Pirate.

This is Reika, and her robotic phoenix partner, Suzaku. Reika's the captain of the pirates of the Daedalus Armada. Reika can't stand any other pirate groups, and just absolutely hates the Bonnes. The only existing pirate she could probably tolerate is Glyde, but that would only be by teasing him and getting generally on his nerves (She'd want to cause a few split ends :3) but she prefers to stick to her crew or just being around Suzaku.
Reika fights with a cutlass, while leaving all long-range fighting to Suzaku who has a flamethrower built on the interior of his beak.

Originally I thought about giving her some sort of armor with Suzaku, but given the series, being Legends, a sort of 'fusion armor' just wouldn't fit in like it would in other MM series.

Reika has somewhat of a bad attitude and a very short temper, so the crew of the Daedalus Armada get bossed around a lot. For some reason I can see her talking in a Russian accent. I don't know why.

Naming References,

Reika: Comes from Reika Morishita, the singer of Rockman DASH themes 'For Your Winds Shall Blow' and 'Another Sun'.
Suzaku: No, not from Code Geass. Suzaku was the phoenix of the South in Japanese mythology, (Also known as the Vermilion Bird, Zhu Que, guardian of the South in Chinese mythology).
Daedalus: Resort to here: [link]

I colored it a little overly shiny. I couldn't resist.

Megaman Legends (c) Capcom
Reika and Suzaku concepts and art are mine.

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