Obshirnyy Region: 356-358 Picture

Sorry for the wait! So what we've got here are a trio based on the Slavic fire deities Svarog, Dažbog, and Svarožič. Respectively, they embody fire controlled by humans (i.e., blacksmith forges), fire in the sky (i.e., the sun), and earthly fire (though even the existence in mythology of this last deity is pretty disputed, plus there's a sizable amount of overlap with Svarog in that both of them had forge-related affiliations, and then there are some mythological reconstructionists who argue that Dažbog and Svarožič were the same deity, and other who argue that Svarožič was actually a sun god and had two aspects [lunar and solar], so basically it's a massive mess). Anyway, for the designs, I drew influence from numerous other fire-related deities who filled similar roles and looked to animals sacred to them for basis. Kuznihono is also based on the Greek god Hephaestus and his sacred animal the donkey, Solnechono is also based on the Egyptian god Ra and his sacred animal the falcon, and Vyzhono is actually also based on two other deities, the Vedic god Agni and his sacred animal the ram and the Mesopotamian god Nusku and his sacred animal the scorpion (though I only was able to find one source that admittedly was a bit uncertain that tied Nusku and scorpions together, so...).
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