:Sketch: Apollo the Cat Picture

Yet another Silvaze kid fancharacter, and I got a good reason why I named this kid Apollo. The main reason is he inherited Blaze's pyrokinetic abilities mainly while his sister has inherited Silver's psychokinetic abilities and second reason is according the Greek and Roman Mythology, Apollo is the god of the sun.

[BIOGRAPHY] Apollo is a young prince (due to the fact that Blaze was a princess until she married Silver and became the Queen) and supposedly the next Guardian of the Sol Emeralds. He doesn't know to tap into their power and turn super just yet due to inexperience.

[HIDDEN ABILITY] Sacred Flames of Apollo

- Able to withstand extreme heat/cold temperatures for a long among of time

-Is inable to be burned within lava, instead lava heals him and recharges his pyrokinesis.

Apollo the Cat (c) me 2011
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