Kozuki Picture

My entry for a draw to adopt

Adopt: Space Oni

Name: Kozuki

Gender: Female

Biography: For any creature who can think, looking to the skies will always fill you with feelings of longing and give your mind wild ideas. Ideas are paramount in making mythologies realities. Impossible mountains being the home of gods, insanely elaborate levels of hell for the different sins. These strange and wild ideas come from beings who feel small in the face of the universe, trying to make sense of their lives.
And even supernatural creatures turn to the night sky with eyes of wonder that create wild ideas.
It is no surprise then that even the Oni, demons of Japanese myth, have mythologies and pantheons all their own to govern their eventual demise and universe.

Kozuki was the daughter of the Sun-Oni, a brilliantly red and orange beast of light and the Moon Oni. A silvery Ogress of enchanting beauty. The two could meet only for a second in the grips of a solar eclipse. And in that time had a passionate few minutes to be together. From this moment Kozuki was conceived. But the Moon and Sun, despite having birthed the many Oni Gods, could not care for the child. Nor did they trust her siblings to raise her. And so with a heavy heart, the Sun and Moon decided their daughter would have live in the harshest, loneliest of places. The place between stars. The Garden of Nothing. The Void.

The moon fashioned her daughter a Cradle from the heart of a Dying, massive star. And there she stayed curled up with merely a scroll of her mother’s deepest apologies and instructions and the love of the shadows between the stars. As a child Kozuki took to her role well. Balancing the nothingness between the points in the sky magnificently. Without the light of her father her skin grew pale. Translucent. And finally like the void itself. Holding stars within her blue tinted skin. Cold and far from the Earth and her parents. But within the void she grew beautiful and powerful. And above all, intelligent and strong willed.

When she was strong enough, she followed a map on the scroll left by her mother and came to Earth to meet her family. Many of the gods were struck by her beauty. She was talked about, gossiped over, and it was agreed upon that her Suitors would have to prove themselves for her. Many of the lesser gods stepped down. But Kozuki, bitter at her abandonment and the foolishness of the God-Oni, instead sought to make fools of those who saw her as naught but a prize when she had just arrived.

Her first suitor was the Sky-Oni. When he came to her he asked what gift would win her. Angered, but seeing the Sky-Oni’s weakness already she simply said
“The last touch of my father.”
The Sky-Oni knew well she meant the sunset, but he was impatient and overly proud. The sunset was only beautiful because of the sky after all. So he crafted for her pearls with the pink-purple of clouds in the sunset. He came in front of the others proudly proclaiming he had won her hand and presented her with the pearls.
“I asked for the last touch of my father. Instead you gave clouds! Ephemeral and unsteady! What husband would you make!”
Shamed and humbled, the Sky-Oni stepped down in failure. She kept the pearls as her own to prove her triumph over the Sky-Oni.

The Oni of the Lakes and Seas came next. He asked her
“What gift would you ask of me, in my skill and intellect and power?”
Kozuki replied
“The full embrace of my mother.”
The Water-Oni was prideful. And she knew it. So when charged with giving her the moon’s brightest light he thought it too paltry a gift. So he climbed into the heavens and fashioned her a kimono of Nebula and Galaxy. And brought it before her, chest puffed. She scowled at him.
“I asked for the embrace of a mother and you bring me cold space-dust in beauty. You know nothing of love!”
Humbled, the Water-Oni stepped down. Dejected.

The third Oni to come to her was her older Brother. The Oni of caves and fire. And he came to her with an open heart and while not entirely intelligent he was kind and caring.
“What do you want?”
Kozuki responded.
“I want a symbol of my own power. A gift of void. A weapon like no other.”
And So the Fire-Oni trekked long into the Void, and found there the Devourer of all. A Black Hole. And long he fought it, taking from its gaping maw two fangs. Which he fashioned into magical swords that could become hair pins. He presented her this gift and merely said.
“I welcome you sister. I hope you have been well.”
And so The Fire-Oni was the first of the Gods Kozuki embraced. The second and third being her parents at the banquet to welcome her that night.

Likes: Swords, good food, The Void, Music, Candies, Sake, Fighting, The Fire Oni, Her Parents

Dislikes: Prideful fools, Overly Bright lights, Most of the other Oni-gods

Why do you like this character?: Shes an awesome character

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