Artemis, heiress to the moon Picture

ok yes artemis is the greek goddess of the moon and she is not an elf but this isnt the artemis of greek mythology. i was thinking and came up with an idea that there is a diferent world with two races, elves and humans. There are 10 councel members and then a king and queen that govern the elf race, humans do didily squat. Each is guardian of something important to their survival and each have a certian animal species that they can control and turn into, but the animal is white. Artemis' mother, Diana, is curently the councel member trusted with the moon and her father, apollo, is the sun. Once her mother dies she will take her place, right now she is a heiress. Now of course there are others and each has personalites and govern the same things as the gods but that is about it.

Like the greek goddess she is excelent with the bow and arrow and is a great hunteress. But unlike the goddess she summons ice, controls the forest and turns into a white wolf.
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