Welcome to Miservilley Johny Picture

Here's my new character, im' not decide to the name yet, i thought in some names like:

-Johny two fangs
-James cold blood III
-James the vampire

well, if you like any name, tell me, i can't decide..xP, well, he's a vampire, he lives in mansion in the forest of miservilley, he become a bat, i think to include him in the pilot and the show.

-is about the same height and age Jimmy
-he have black and short hair
-he wears a suit similar to dracula, but wears too casual.
-his eyes are red.
-he can transform in a bat, (of course)
-he can take diferents forms(he can be anyone)
-may be in the light of day, but only when the sun is not very strong, but can not be under very strong light.
-has good moral values, is educated and knows a lot about the history of miservilley, legends, mythology in general.
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