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"The Investigation is the Key to Unveil the secrets beyond"

Associated Colors: Normally Dry-Green, but can be Bright Blue or Brown
Workship: Ylath, the Dragon of Sky
Core Philosophy: Knowledge is a virtue that only those who can use it correctly can open many doors as many locks.
Country/Kingdom: Ridway, the Engineering Citadels
Capital City: Padonia
Key/Logo Symbols: The Eye of the Chosen

VillageHall-CityHall-TownHall-Capitol: TownHall of the Future (Forge of Empires)
Tavern: Summer Casino (Forge of Empires)
Blacksmith: Protoss Fleet Carrier (Starcraft 2)
Special Building: Tech Labs (Starcraft 2: Wings of Liberty)
Marketplace-ResourceSilo: Rapture Farms (Oddworld: Abe's Exoddus)
Magic Guild: Coatl's War, Economic, Investigation Pylons (Rise of Legends)

Genocyder (My Oc)
Stranger (Oddworld: Stranger's Wrath)
Mei Misaki (Another)
Maka Albarn (Soul Eater)
Rush Sykes (The Last Remnant)
Tracy Wright (Phoenix Wright: Apollo Justice)


Tier 1
Steam Miner - Clockwork Soldier - Clockwork Spider
(Rise of Legends)

Tier 2
Carnivore - Dryad - Tartarus Spawn
(Age of Mythology: Titans)

Tier 3
Shikati - Behemoth - Naga
(Blood 2: The Chosen)

Tier 4
Sun Cannon - Death Sphere - Sun Idol
(Rise of Legends)

Tier 5
Phoenix - Tempest - VoidRay
(Starcraft 2: Legends of the Void)

Tier 6
Draco's Blood - Mantroskylo - Greentops
(The Last Remnant)

Tier 7
Sand Dragon - Rukh - Glass Dragon
(Rise of Legends)

Logo: Eye of the Chosen (The Orb || Blood 2: The Chosen)

This is just enterteinment. All characters, buildings and creatures belongs to their respective owners

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