Sleipnir Picture

Um. yeah. bored again. I decided to see if i could make Poser make an eight-legged horse. And to my amazement it actually kind of worked. Well, as much as an eight-legged horse can look realistic anyway
Sleipner is Odin's horse in Norse Mythology. Basically the story is that a Jotun (frost giant) offered to build a wall around Asgard (the gods' home) in the space of one winter and if he finished on time he got goddess Freyja and the sun and the moon as payment. The gods thought it was impossible so they agreed to the bargain, but the giant brought with him a wonderful horse called Svadilfari, that did most of the work and when spring was only three days away, the wall was practically complete. So Loki, the trickster of Norse myth, took on the form of a mare, and neighed at the stallion until he was lured away from his work, so the wall was never finished. When Loki returned months later he was leading a grey eight legged colt that was the result of running off with Svadilfari. Odin kept the colt and named him Sleipnir.

Tools: Poser to mangle together two horses into one and the resulting image imported into Bryce to add a quick BG. There's no photoshop postwork on this, although maybe there should be
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