Strawberry new OC Picture



Full Name: Strawberry Hayna
Title: Cutie
Pet Name: doest have one
ID Number: 27081306
Signature: Style of the font, "Yummi Strawberriez"

Gender: Female.
Orientation: Lesbian
Real Age: 17
Age Appearance: 17-19 years old.
Birthday: 25th Aprill 1996
Deathday: 60
Birthplace: In her house
Zodiac Sign: Bulls

Immediate Family: Her Death sister
Distant Family: Her cousin
Parenting: Mom and Dad
Upbringing: Strict morals, told to follow many rules with life, yet they presented it to her in a caring way.
Infancy: Nurtured.
Childhood: Decent childhood.
Adolescence: Funny,kind and happy
Adulthood: non
Coming of Age: Around her adolescence,e happly she had a happy life
Evolution: a great student

Race: Human
Ethnicity: Whine,human
Blood Type: O+
Eye Color: Pink
Hair Color: Pink
Hairstyle: A little gurly
Skin Tone: White
Complexion: Pale
Makeup: non
Build: Long handa
Height: 5ft 11
Weight: 19

Facial Hair: -
Health: good
Energy: She is mostly very hyperactive, and happy,and shy
Memory: She remembers her separation well alongside the birth of her twin siblings.
Senses: She has a not very good sense of vision but isn't very well with hearing.
Allergies: Hay Fever
Handicaps: non
Medication: non
Mental Disorders: Depression
Style: Girly,cute,Verry shy
Posture: Not open and she lies so much
Mood: Happy
Attitude: Mostly shows a nonpositive attitude.
Stability: As long as they can hold up, which may be for at least 2/3 hours.
Expressiveness: They hide some emotions in serious situations other than that she attempts to express them in unique ways.
When Happy: (Rare) Sing ,dance
When Depressed: Drifts away from others,cry
When Angry: Screams ,cry

Current Residence: cant tell
Community: Nice community and happy
Family: Her sister : its dead (Alice)
Friends: Konae (the tomboy : ) , Hiata (a girly girl too : )
Enemies: nobody
Bosses: God?
Followers: Her sister but now shes dead
Rivals: non
Equipment: A knife,a stawberry
Accessories: A bow
Funds: yes
Home: Big home
Transportation: car,bus
License Plate Number: None.
Lovers: Has a crush on Konae
Sex Life: Virgin
Type: Power
Turn-Ons: Honesty
Turn Offs: Unintelligence (sometimes).
Plays: Roleplay
Fetishes: Have pain being inflicted upon self.
Virginity: Currently none.
Occupation: Student
IQ: 167?
Education: Fairly good education.
School: Good School, although early drop-out.
Grade: D/C
Special Education: Held back.
Social Stereotype: Weird
Degrees: They intend to get back into school to get a degree in physical activities.
Intelligence: Naturalist.
Extracurricular Activities: Physical Education.

Religion: Catolic
Morals: Basic conscious.
Crime Record: a plushie bunny,her sister
Traditions: Christmas, Easter, Halloween as well as other stereotypical ones.
Desires: A happy life but also a happy future for her siblings.
Wishlist: Desires are given towards old-fashion related objects but also shiny things.
Accomplishments: Becoming a Freedom Fighter.
Greatest Achievement: Raising her siblings.
Biggest Failure: A victim of her cuts her
Secrets: She kill her sister
Regrets: Become a murder,but nodody know about it ,and she its still innocent
Worries: Safety of others around them.
Best Dream: Kiss Konae.
Worst Nightmare: Her siblings being murdered alongside her friends.
Best Memories: As a child.
Worst Memories: Attempting to defend herself.
Hobbies/Interests: Cooking,Drawing,Play football whit Konae
Skills/Talents: She's very skilled within some cooking activities.
Likes:flowers,happiness, sun,stawberryes,swetts
Dislikes: saddnes
Sense of Humor: Dirty
Dreams/Nightmares: Hardly ever dreams anything she can remember but rarely has nightmares.
Can't understand: Why people ignore her time to time.
Closet Hobby: Mechanics even though she isn't very good with it.
Strengths: Great vision
Powers/Abilities: She can gain Telekinesis powers but only when near the elements
Ability: Decent, needs more practice though.
Weaknesses: Mental abuse can effect her physically.
Immunities: None
Restrictions: non
Alternate Forms: Pervy form,evil form,verry prevy form
Extra Anatomy: non

Favourite Colours: Red, Gold,Topaz,PINK,Purple
Favourite Animals: Rabbits.
Favourite Mythological Creatures: Dragons.
Favourite Places: Her newest home.
Favourite Landmarks: Freedom statue.
Favourite Flavours: Cookie Dough,Strawberryes
Favourite Foods: Cupcakes,Spagheti
Favourite Drinks: Water (weirdly enough)
Favourite Genre: Fantasy
Favourite Books: None
Favourite Movies: None
Favourite Games: Indie Games
Favourite Shows: None
Favourite Music: Cute,music box,dustep
Favourite Numbers: 3
Favourite Websites: None
Favourite Words: Yay,cute,ajabebea
Favourite Quotations: "We dream on, we reach but one day... we'll fly higher than them all." -Mom

Least Favourite Colours: black
Least Favourite Animals: None
Least Favourite Mythological Creatures: Diclonus
Least Favourite Places: Her original home.
Favourite Landmarks: None
Least Favourite Flavours: Chocolate
Least Favourite Foods: Blood
Least Favourite Drinks: fanta
Least Favourite Characters: None really.
Least Favourite Words: Death.
Least Favourite Quotations: "Walk on, pain can follow, never let it." - Father

Languages: English
Accent: Midland, fairly mixed within though.
Greetings and Farewells: "Hey guys!" - "Bye-bye!"
State of Mind: "I'm alright."
Compliment: You look pretty when you bleed
Insult: You as*hole
Expletive: "Shit."
Laughter: heheheh...
Tag Line:The life its fun
Signature Quote: "We've got to stay sad, remember that..."

Reputation: good student
First Impressions: Nothing special, just a very cute style
Stranger Impressions: Weird
Friendly Impressions: Really nice friend, always there for them.
Enemy Impressions: A missed subject, who must be killed soon.
Familiar Impressions: Love and care for her extremely.
Compliments: I like your hair...
Insults: "Klutz! You weren't meant to spill that!"
Self-Impression: They could do better,

Temperament: Good
Symbol: A stawberry whit a bow
Song: Strawberrye's theme song: Babe if i got you,i dont need a pataschute
Continue Reading: Sun