Turkeysaurus Picture

ehehe, turkeys are frickinn scary lookin'! That's probably why they're one of my favourite birds X3!

But anyways, I remember looking at this poor wild OMFG!!!! They're playing 'Fool on the Hill" on the radio right now!!!!!!!! YAYYYYYYY! OMFG!!! After, "seasons in the sun", that song is never played!! If you live in my area, I reccomend 107.7 the Lake, WLKK FM....in my opinion the last radio station worth listening to in this town...104.1 used to be awesome, but fell into the annoying radio station hype and is now playing 80's music, which, there's nothing wrong with, EXCEPT, they're playing crappy 80s music like Tina Turner Xp ...ewww... and any station playing Donovan, the Doors and the Cowsils that decides to play tina turner alongside should be shot, hanged, drawn and quartered and have their remains tied to a horse and draged through town.....*breaks down and bawls* why did KB Radio (WKBW 1520 AM) have to die?? Stupid corporate takeovers >_< OH BOy! Another News/talk station! Just what we need! KB is part of our area's HISTORY GODAMMIT!!!!

well, enough ranting
Omg, I clearly forgot to take my ADD medication today (Hah! did you know that I have ADD!! Yay short attention spans! BUT, ADD breeds awesome creative people like moi! HAH!) Alright...where did I leave off? Okay, so this poor turkey was pacing around this pen at this festival in Clymer and I was just fascinated by him. especially his legs, which looked like they were cut off of a dinosaur and sewn onto him. Dude! those claws were super long and sharp! but speaking of dinosaurs, the way that he was walking looked just like he stepped out of the television when "walking with dinosaurs" or perhaps Jurrasic Park was on, but then 65 million years of evolution caught up and went WHUMP! and Poof! feathers! he totally had the whole T-Rex strut or whatever you wnat to call it...it was cool :333

So based on my fascination of this turkey, I wanted to make a monster turkey-dinosaur thing...hence the title. I want to tie ribbons on him and give him sweeties and spoil him now ^.^

I was going to give my mythological account of the turkey vs, dinosaurs war...but I think this description is getting a little long winded (although I found out some people like that <3)
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