A New Beginning Picture

They say, in Creastor legends, that the day that the Golden Furred rises and takes claim of his abilities, is the day that a new sun shall be born. He shall run faster, jump higher, and soar longer than any other Creastor has ever done so before. He will cradle and protect this new sun, this New Beginning, and all shall have the chance to take a chance; one more day to do whatever it is your heart has always told you to do.

Here flies the wingless Golden Opportunity, Siraeden.

No, this is not folklore or ancient mythological creature, this is a creation of my own (I'll make a web page on them someday). I have my own opinions on what this picture means, but I want everyone else to reflect on it.

Has new life begun for you?


Creastors are Copyright to Me, along with this image.

Done with watercolor, colored pencil, and white ink over 4-5 hours.

The background is supposed to be more purple, and I have a horrible scanner, and I cannot paste pieces together to make a nice looking image.. so.. that's why it looks this way.
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