Weeds Over Caesar's Tomb Picture

No one told the story of Plebius the Roman laborer
Plebius who laid stone for the roads of the Roman Legions
Plebius who lost brother and father to the Gaul Wars
Plebius who rolled lead pipe in the Great Bathes
Plebius who raised scaffolding over the Aqueduct of Segovia
Plebius who filled pocket and lungs with dust in the Bessa Gold Mines
Plebius who got his ribs kicked in by a horse while cleaning the Augean Stables
Plebius who contracted malaria digging the Suez Canal
Plebius who mixed mortar with sweat between the stones of the Colosseum
Plebius who was to gladiate and bleed on those stone walls
Plebius who set concrete blocks in the Pantheon where a block took his arm
Plebius who bought his children bread at the cost of their freedom
Plebius who came home to find his wife gone
Plebius who shoved the lid over Caesar’s tomb

He needed no honey mixed with his goat’s milk
Or sun to dab dew off his chin
He was a man
He had blood in his veins
He persevered
When nothing else in life could kill him
The gods transformed him into a weed

- Plebius by Bryan Rogers

Programs: Poser Pro 2014, Photoshop CC
Dress: SAV Electra Outfit by StudioArtVartanian (Renderosity)
Figure: Danika by DAZ 3D & FWArt (DAZ 3D)
Hair: Caliana by Propschick & SWAM (Renderosity)
Tomb: DM's Tranquility Lane by Danie & marforno (Renderosity)
Columns: Slice Of Heaven by Aeon Soul (RuntimeDNA)
Curling Tree: DM's Thorns of Time by Danie & marforno (Renderosity)
Standalone Tree: DM's Druid Cave by Danie & marforno (Renderosity)
Grasses: Flink's Instant Meadow 2 by Flink (Renderosity)
Weeds: Flink's Instant Meadow 2 - Weeds 3 by Flink (Renderosity)
Background: Dreamlights Ultimate Skies II 100 High Rez Backgrounds by Dreamlight (DAZ 3D)
Photoshop Brushes: Ron's Edge Grundge by deviney (DAZ 3D)
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