FFX - Hati Picture

"Acording to Mythology, Fenrir had two sons. Hati (hate) and Skoll. Skoll chased the horses that drew the chariot that held the sun, thus its jurney in the sky. While Hati chased the moon.

Ashlin was so intrigued by the desing of Fenrir, Clouds motor cycle, that he studied it none stop. He even went as far as to take it apart to the the bolt and put it back together. After that he made two bikes that were better than the original in some ways, and called them Hati, and Skoll.

I think my brother must have layed awake laughing when he desinged and named them. However they are very fitting names and desings and they fit there owners. 2 Sons, 2 Bikes, 2 students.

I think it fitting that my brother gave me Hati. A black bike for, named after a Demi-god that only was active at night. And to him self Skoll named after a Demi-god that chased the light.

I wonder if Cloud can see the joke in it all."

So yeah,
Xaviers bike Hati, which means hate in the noris mythology that it is from. Built by Ashlin and given to Xavier. I found it horibly funny when researching Fenrir to discover that he had 2 sons, one chasing the light, the other chasing the dark. I found it funny for this reasone. Cloud trained both Xavier and Ashlin, and he owns the bike Fenrir (god do I love that bike) Xavier can only see in the dark so tends to be awake at nights when he can see comfortably and is consumed by his hatred of Xiedie and John Onikage. Where as Ashlin is trying to find redemption for the mass genocide he comitted under Sephiroths controle, so he in essence is chasing the light.

I know this is a really old pic, and the back ground is half-assed.
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