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... because people kept goading me to do this specific one. Haha! So you asked for it, and here it is! Most of these things affected the way I worldbuild and work with plot and style; my story-writing and character-building is inspired more by personal events and my own life. Here we go!

A1 (not listed). Before anything, the biggest influence in my stuff-- or the Aman5 story at least-- is my own life experiences. The greatest push behind my work is my own life, from the bad (abuse, addiction, poverty) to the good (friends and family, travels, the military which is now my profession). All that is around me metabolizes with my work.

A2 (forgot to list). Dragonball Z! In my childhood Dragonball Z was my favorite show, and its sweeping worlds and characters are probably what got me into drawing. The over-the-top-goofy EPIC fights stuck with me even to this day!

1. The Jak and Daxter trilogy is one of the series that got me into world-making. This games' world was developed to the T: mythology, religions, architecture, plants, creatures, and cultures, all thought out. It was so utterly breathtaking that it pushed me further into my own brainworlds. Plus it's funny as hell. :'D

2. Nature and ecology, aaaah! As a scientifically-minded person, I draw a lot of inspiration from nature and the world around us. We must first understand our OWN world before we go about fabricating our own.

4. The Legend of Zelda series, especially the Wind Waker trilogy, was the first thing that gave me a full-on PUSH into worldbuilding. LoZ:ALttP, with its Dark World, showed me how unique a world could be; LoZ:WW showed me that characters ought to have personality, style, and aspirations-- souls, in fiction.

5. Greek mythology has, since childhood, always been a fascination of mine (Egyptian and Sumerian runs a close second). With its flawed gods and unique take on creation, these stories influenced the way I write myths. The very premise of Aman5-- past-their-prime gods failing their own people-- draws from Greek mythology.

6. I just love bright lights and casinos-- I dedicated a while planet to it, didn't I?! Casino lights and sounds really do add a spark to one's tired imagination. (My venue? Tahoe, CA, obviously. My husband likes the ones in Texas, haha) The city of Dubai is another huge influence, and I find myself in always in awe at its majesty.

7. I have NEVER been able to sit through a Star Wars movie, but the Star Wars Podracing games are fun as hell. It got me into creature-creating, since these alien designs were so unique. Also explosions!!

8. The Alliance-Union series by CJ Cherryh, most specifically the Chanur Saga and Faded Sun trilogy, is a series I grew up on. Alongside Jak&Daxter and Kirby, the Alliance-Union kicked me into brainworld exploring on a galactic level. Cherryh's work with alien psychology is phenomenal.

9. The Godfather trilogy, both books and films are just plain awesome. Haha. I don't know how they affected me, but I'm quite certain that they did.

10. Venture Bros is a victorious show about failure. It affected my character-writing style by proving just how fun it is when characters SUCK at life, and overall it helped me channel my inner pessimist. Go team Venture!
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