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(what do I do when I'm bored? Make up a fanspecies for Skin Deep, that's what)

Species Name: Beluians (means "horrible beast" in Latin. [trust me, I did my research])

Spiteful Names: Nightmare Beasts/ Fear Beasts

BIO: Every Beluian is unique, though there are some things are similar. Every Beluian is blue; different shades and textures, but the main skin/scales/fur color is some shade of blue. Every Beluian is born human, and will remain human until their Manifest, even if mutagen is applied before. Every Beluian has four different "slimes" they can send out via their mouths. In a Beluian's anatomy, right above their uvula, there is a small hole that leads to four separate sacks of blue slime with different properties. The four different types of slime are: Acidic (where it can eat through almost everything), Mutagenic (where any human or animal will turn Beluian), Medicinal (where it can heal damage), and Trick (Does nothing special other than to scare and distract the opposition). A Beluian's bite is poisonous; their teeth are connected to the acidic sac. It will literally eat the person from the inside out.

When a Beluian Kit (the official name for a young Beluian) turns nine, right on the dot, their Manifest happens. When they turn nine, the Beluian genes are fully mature and know who they are. The genes come out and force the mutation. the determining factors of the Manifest are three things they really like, one thing they hate but not necessarily fear, and one thing they are very scared of. The purpose of this is to turn your likes against you, so it's a bit cruel.

The Beluian forms aren't going to stay 24/7 unless you never see the light of day ever. When the Beluian in Beast form steps out in broad daylight, they revert back to their human form. And they revert to Beast form when they are in darkness. When they are in one form or another, any gray area between the two extremes, they will stay in that form. For example: If a Beluian is in human form, and no lights are on, but the sun's rays are coming in through closed blinds are enough to prevent the change. Also: if there is no sunlight, but there are bright lights lit in the room, the change will not happen. Taking this into consideration, there is a special something that would allow the Beluian to walk at night and not change: The SunRay locket. It's a normal locket will many holes drilled into it. After a kit's Manifest, they are given a locket. Inside the locket holds a small stone enchanted to hold sun's rays. Each Beluian has a slight magical and psychic ability. Thanks to this magical ability they can enchant the stone to hold sunlight, and their slight psychic ability allows them to change the intensity of the stone's light. They can ramp it up if they feel like it's not efficient enough, or tune it down if the light will attract unwanted attention. But they should be careful, if the light isn't intense enough they can turn.

There are three genetic defects the Beluian can run into: rejection, spontaneous transformation, and the Rage. When a kit is beginning to Manifest, the human body can reject the Beluian genes and try to fight it off. This can lead to the kit getting very sick, ending up a twisted half and half freak, or even die. The Rage is a horrible defect apparent in 50% of all Beluians. When the Beluian gets angry and/or hyper-adrenalined, they can lose control of themselves and go on a crazy animalistic rampage. When the Manifest happens, if the defect is apparent, the process can split their mind. You can tell a Beluian is in Rage is when their eyes are one solid color and with some Beluians, their eyes glow. Some Beluian's eyes glow anyway, so it's not always a determining factor. If A Beluian with the Rage also has glowing eyes, their eyes will stop glowing when they Rage. The spontaneous transformations happen when the Beluian get's a horrible shock (like when you show it a screamer for the first time) and/or when it feels like it's in terrible danger. It will instantly revert to beast form if human, and if already in Beast form it will automatically send out a sort of slime. Those with the Rage will instantly revert and go nuts. This is a defect by nature but the species have long been calling it an instinct and a blessing.

MYTHOLOGY: The mythology surrounding the species is this: When you're lost, someone with a lanturn and an unchanging expression on their face will "lead you to safety". When the Beluian has got you lost AND trapped, it will list a series of options to you: Become one of us, let me be with you forever (it will then enslave you), or choose to die. It is very rare that the beast will let you go. Another legend is that these creatures will steal away your young and they will come back twisted. If this happens, you need to kill the child. Another is that these are horrible creatures that are not sentient and will come at you and bite your head off (referring to the Rage-infected Beluians).

HISTORY: Over 4,000 years ago, a large gang of Beluians did most of the things that the mythology implies, and much worse. They were spread all over the world. They stormed and destroyed entire cities and ate all the casualties. This resulted in a large witch hunt for the species all over the world; humans and non-humans both went looking for them. They succeeded in driving the species to extinction and measures will made to erase them from human history...but were there really none left? A small guild of about twelve adult Beluians and eight unturned kits somehow managed to escape detection and fled to the area now known as the Rocky Mountains. They chose the most inhospitable place, and made it hospitable (they're tough, really tough). It was a horrible mass murder, and many non-Beluians got caught and executed. Fast forward a few thousand years, and the guild still survives. They use primitive electricity, almost everyone is a farmer/rancher/laborer, and they speak in a strange accent. Every now and again they sent a small group of Beluians (favoring those who can fly) to inspect what the world is like out there and bring back things of educational value. Because of this, they have a vast knowledge of what's happened/happening and how to speak several languages. Also because of that, their accent is a mix of many languages and nationalities. They live their lives in almost constant fear of being discovered.

BONUS INFO: Their humble town is called Blue. They occasionally get lost and starving travelers and will hospitalize them, then when they're all healed up, they'll secretly give them powerful sleeping tea, and fly them down to the nearest town. Beluians are born, not hatched. It is custom for those who take after a human parent or any human in the gene pool to still wear a locket. Their slight psychic ability helps distill a pebble of fear in their opponents. Any time the genes choose a favorite color it will become their eye color. Beluians were not wiped from non-human history, but few know about them.

Count how many times Beluian is said thoughout this whole thing. Ok, kudos to anyone who read that whole thing. So! Whaddya think?! Seem fairly legit? Yeah, this is what I think of when I'm super-bored. I think this hurts my sanity. Ah well, wanna know what I'm referencing here? The comic Skin Deep! Read the comic here!… And the artist is here!
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