NAC: Legion of the Galaxy Picture

The Legion of the Galaxy (Guardians of the Galaxy + Legion of Super Heroes):
In the not-too-distant future will come the “Great Disaster”, an event that ushers in the final battle of today’s heroes and villains, leading to the destruction of many civilizations across the galaxy and the deaths of all of the universe’s empowered beings, including the intergalactic police force called the Green Nova Corps (Nova Corps + Green Lantern Corps). Eventually, the surviving planets and civilizations convened on Earth to form the United Planets, a democratic order established to maintain peace throughout the galaxy. Earth itself, meanwhile, became a cyberpunk dystopia controlled not by governments, but by privately-owned megacorporations. The previous Age of Heroes had faded from recorded history, but still survived as mythology and new religious movements, such as the Church of Thunder (Woman [Thor + Wonder Woman]).
In January of the year 3099, the life of Earth industrialist R.J. Stone (Tyler Stone + R.J. Brande) was saved by three superpowered teens, Adam, Irma, and Stakar, who used their powers to defeat assassins hired to kill Stone. Stone then decided to form a superhero team called the “Legion of the Galaxy”, with these three youths as the nucleus of the group and Stone’s corporation Solarmax as the team’s sponsor. The members you see today are from the Legion’s first membership drive.

Top Row (Leaders/Founders):

Adam Cosmic:
Amalgamation of: Adam Warlock + Cosmic Boy
Real Name: Adam Krinn
Biography: Adam Krinn is an artificially-created humanoid, bestowed with magnetic powers; he was the first successful experiment for an enclave of human scientists and space-colonists. The enclave sent 10-year-old Adam, as a test of his powers, to the planet Braal to wipe-out a small population of techno-organic animals. On Braal, Adam discovered a techno-organic race of native people, who pleaded him to spare their lives. Adam returned to the enclave’s spaceship and destroyed the magno sapien production facility onboard, along with their notes to prevent them from producing more like Adam and subjugating the innocent Braalians. Traveling the galaxy, Adam Krinn was pursued by the Circle of Truth (Universal Church of Truth + Dark Circle), an empire-like cult that worships an evil demigod called “King Magus” (Magus + Cosmic King).
Adam traveled to Earth around his 14th birthday, where he met fellow super-teens Irma and Stakar and helped them save industrialist R.J. Stone from assassins. Now a leader of the heroic Legion of the Galaxy, Adam Krinn took the codename “Adam Cosmic”. The Legion did battle with various villains, and he developed a relationship with co-leader Irma “Saturna” Gameen; they broke off this relationship when Adam learned a horrible truth: that he’s destined to become King Magus and Saturna was sent to capture him for her ancestor, Deathseid (Thanos + Darkseid)!
Powers: Super strength/stamina/durability; energy absorption; magnetism powers that not only affect metal and electricity, but the natural magnetism of all atoms, which allows him to control reality on a small scale.

Amalgamation of: Gamora + Saturn Girl
Real Name: Irma Gameen
Biography: In the events of the Great Disaster, the warring planets of New Uranus (Uranus + New Genesis) and Apoktan (Titan + Apokolips) were decimated, and the New Eternals (Eternals + New Gods) were almost driven to extinction. The gigantic energy conflux called The Source, which the planets orbited, was spirited away to an unknown part of the galaxy, and the remaining New Eternals left their shattered worlds. They colonized the moons of Saturn and interbred with human colonists from Earth.
Irma Gameen, a superhuman of New Eternian descent, left her home on Saturn’s moon Titan when it was invaded by the Circle of Truth. Traveling to Earth on a refugee starship, Irma had a vision in her dreams of her New Eternian ancestor, Deathseid, telling her that she will meet a young man named Adam, who must be brought to the remains of Apoktan to prevent him from becoming King Magus, god of the Circle of Truth.
Irma met Adam Krinn, along with Stakar Ranzz, on Earth, and they became the founders of the heroic Legion of the Galaxy; Irma took the super-name “Saturna”. As leaders of the Legion, Irma and Adam fell in love, and the sill-alive Deathseid could sense that her love for Adam was beginning to overturn her hatred for his evil future form. Deathseid manipulated the Circle of Truth into attacking Earth, and, after the epic battle, the Legion chased the retreating King Magus into a wormhole. The wormhole took King Magus and the Legion not to the Circle’s throneworld, but to an atmospherized shard of the planet Apoktan. Deathseid, former ruler of Apoktan, revealed himself to unveil the truth about Adam. Adam forced himself to leave the Legion and went into exile, struggling to decide wether to fight against his destiny, or embrace it. The LotG and the Circle returned to their respective worlds and Irma started a relationship with co-leader Stakar.
Powers: Various telepathic and mental manipulation powers; martial arts prowess; accelerated healing.

Lightning Hawk:
Amalgamation of: Starhawk I + Lightning Lad
Real Name: Stakar Ranzz
Biography: Born on the planet Vesath (Vesper + Winath), Stakar Ranzz, along with his older brother Brin and their younger half-sister Aleta, discovered the ruins of an ancient god. They accidentally opened a tomb containing lightning-shooting monsters, which attacked the children. Brin was apparently killed, while Stakar and Aleta were given superpowers. The half-siblings traveled to Earth to research their mutation, and Stakar ended up saving the life of an industrialist, with the help of two other superhumans. The three super-teens, Stakar, Adam, and Irma, founded the Legion of the Galaxy, a team of space-faring heroes. As a co-leader of the Legion, Stakar took the name “Lightning Hawk”. Lightning Hawk startes a relationship with co-leader Saturna (Irma) when Adam Cosmic left, and when Stakar died (temporarily), Aleta, who lived at the Legion’s HQ, officially joined the LotG as “Lightning Hawk II”.
Powers: Electricity generation and manipulation; flight; superhuman senses/strength/durability; precognition.

Middle Row:

Matriac 5:
Amalgamation of: Martinex + Brainiac 5
Real Name: Galactiac Matrix 0005
Biography: During the Great Disaster, the god-like android known as Galactiac (Galactus + Brainiac) was dangerously crippled in the wake of the shockwave that resulted from the destruction of New Uranus and Apoktan. For centuries after the Disaster, on the planet Pluto, Galactiac’s shattered body gestated a series of techno-organic robots called “Galactiac Matrixes”, or “Matriacs”. These crystalline robots possessed Galactiac’s programming, a fraction of his Power Cosmic, and his mission of absorbing all the data in the universe to destroy and remake it. Galactiac Matrix 0005 eventually dissented from his creator’s programming and stayed on Earth, a planet he was commanded to destroy. Matriac 5 (as he redubbed himself), became a member of the new Legion of the Galaxy, becoming the team’s head scientist and medical officer. Using the most advanced technology and his high intellect, M-5 developed the Legion Badges, devices that not only represent the legionnaires’ authority, but have build-in communicators and force-field generators that allow the user to survive in space. He also created the "Cybercerebral Overlapping Processor Anionic-Integral Transciever" (COPAIT [ISAAC + COMPUTO]), the Legion's main computer system.
Powers: Superhuman intelligence; he is a living machine with techno-organic flesh resembling crystals; superhuman durability; accelerated healing; heat, cold, and laser projection.

Major Kinetic:
Amalgamation of: Major Victory + Kinetix
Real Name: Zoe Astrovik
Biography: Zoe Astrovik, an Earthling, was traveling to the Alpha Centauri system with her father, an archeologist. The ship suffered a malfunction and crashed on the nearest planet, Imtauri II (Centauri IV + Imsk). Her father was killed, but Zoe was saved by the medical technology for the native people. The cyborg implants gave her a metallic-skin and enhanced her mental prowess, giving her telekinesis. She became friends with an Imtaurian girl named Salyondu, and they traveled to Earth. On Earth, Zoe developed her telekinesis and joined the Legion of the Galaxy as “Major Kinetic”. She was long-after given a mission by the Legion, which sent her, and a small team led by her, to retrieve an ancient weapon containing chrono-particles that are imprinted with the life-force of Earth’s greatest hero…
Powers: Telekinesis which allows her to fly, manipulate matter, heal herself and others, survive unaided in space, and fire concussive blasts that fry the synapses of living beings struck by them. The bio-metal skin suit gives her a higher level of strength. She is also a skilled athlete and starcraft pilot.

Amalgamation of: Yondu + Shrinking Violet
Real Name: Salyondu Udigta
Biography: Salyondu is a girl from the planet Imauri II, born with her race’s natural power to shrink. She was the first to discover Zoe Astrovik’s crashed spaceship, and she brought the critically injured girl to her scientist family, who aved her with cyborg implants. Becoming friends with Zoe, the girls left the planet for Earth. There, they were inducted into the new superhero team, the Legion of the Galaxy. As the legionnaire Small-Shot, Salyondu’s adventures include defending the Church of Thunder from anti-theological terrorists, to being corrupted by the magiks of the Nebula Empress (Nebula + Emerald Empress).
Powers: The ability to shrink from her normal height to atomic size, and to any size in between. She is also an expert archer, and carries a bow-and-arrow set made from yaka metal, which can shrink alongside her. Salyondu is also a gifted mechanic, as she was seen helping Matriac 5 build a mechanical arm for Lightning Hawk after he returned from the dead.

Amalgamation of: Charlie-27 + Colossal Boy
Real Name: Charles “Charlie” Allon
Biography: Charlie Allon is a Jewish starship pilot, born on a human colony on Jupiter. He volunteered for an experiment directed by the United Planets, which is attempting to create humans capable of surviving in the hostile conditions of other planets. Charlie was exposed to an experimental radiation, which made him stronger. The experiment was destroyed by alien invaders, who killed the other subjects of the radiation treatment, but Charlie drove them off the planet with his new strength. He became a hero to the people of the colony, and he took the name “Colossus-27” (27 being his code-number for the experiments on him). As Colossus-27, Charlie joined the Legion of the Galaxy.
Powers: The ability to grow to 11 times his original size, gaining a proportional amount of extra strength/stamina/durability. Charlie is also an excellent starcraft pilot.

Gold Sun:
Amalgamation of: Nikki Gold + Sun Boy
Real Name: Nicholette “Nikki” Morgna
Biography: Nikki Morgna and her parents lived and worked on the planet Mercury, where all humans were given weekly genetic treatments that allow them to survive on the hostile surface. Nikki later discovers that her “unique” genetic structure was advanced by both the treatments and the planet’s surface, and she developed heat and flame powers. She soon traveled to Earth and joined the Legion of the Galaxy. As a member, Nikki (now “Gold Sun”), became the girlfriend of Colossus-27.
Powers: Heat and flame generation/invulnerability, can see in blinding lights, electromagnetism manipulation, radiation immunity, flight (through using flames as propulsion).

Lightning Hawk II:
Amalgamation of: Aleta Ogord (Starhawk) + Alya Ranzz (Lightning Lass)
Real Name: Aleta Ranzz
Biography: Born on the planet Vesath, Aleta Ranzz, along with her older half-brothers Brin and Stakar, discovered the ruins of an ancient god. They accidentally opened a tomb containing lightning-shooting monsters, which attacked the children. Brin was apparently killed, while Stakar and Aleta were given superpowers. The half-siblings traveled to Earth to research their mutation, and Stakar ended founding a new superhero team, the Legion of the Galaxy. Aleta lived with the other legionnaires in the headquarters in the Earth city Neotropolis (a new version of New Metropolis [New York City + Metropolis]), and she couldn’t join the LotG until she mastered her powers. When Stakar (as Lightning Hawk) died in battle, Aleta officially joined the Legion as Lightning Hawk II.
Powers: Electricity generation and manipulation; flight; superhuman senses/strength/durability.

Wonder Boy:
Amalgamation of: Hollywood (aka Wonder Man) + Ultra Boy
Real Name: Jonah Williams
Biography: Jonah Williams, a human working on an interstellar cargo ship, was attacked by a legendary creature called “Klaatu the Space Whale”. The ship went down, but the convergence of energies that Klaatu has absorbed over the millennium, including the Astro Ions (Ionic Power [Wonder Man] + Astro Force Orion) and the Green Nova Force (Nova Force + Green Lantern Battery), mutated Jonah, giving him white hair, glowing eyes, and superpowers. Jonah used his strength to punch his way out of Klaatu’s intestines and his flight powers to quickly escape to the nearest planet before suffering the ill effects of the vacuum of space. On the planet Rimbor, Jonah developed his powers after learning he could only use one at a time. He soon joined the Legion of the Galaxy on Earth, taking the name “Wonder Boy”.
Powers: Superhuman strength and speed, invulnerability, flight, x-ray vision, and ionic laser vision. The only downside is that he can only use power at a time.

Amalgamation of: Quasar + XS
Real Name: Wendell Ognats
Biography: Wendell Ognats is a distant descendant of the Pre-Disaster hero Peter Allen the Silverflash (Quicksilver + Flash II), who could move at superhuman speeds. Peter’s children and subsequent descendants inherited his ability to access the Speed Force, a cosmic energy that powers all movement in the universe, but as time passed, the meta-genetics became diluted. When his scientist mother was kidnapped by terrorists, he discovered her invention: the Quas-X Bands, which allow the wearer to harness their latent powers. With the bands giving him the ability to run at super-speed and create energy weapons from the Speed Force, a power not present in his ancestors, Wendell saved his mother. He later joined the Legion of the Galaxy as “Quas-X.”
Powers: The Quas-X Bands allow him to access the Speed Force, granting him superhuman speed/agility/reflexes/senses/stamina, intangibility, and the ability to form golden energy constructs through bodily movements.

Bottom Row:

Amalgamation of: Kismet + Magno
Real Name: Ayesha Magz
Biography: Ayesha Magz and Adam Krinn “Magno sapiens”, artificially-created humanoids with magnetic powers. Adam destroyed the facility that created him when he wouldn’t slay a race of organic-metal alien and he took away Ayesha from the scientific enclave’s influence. Ayesha was taken care of by the organic-metal people while Adam roamed the galaxy. When Adam, as a member of the Legion of the Galaxy, exiled himself to contemplate his future transformation into a villain, Lightning Hawk recruited Ayesha into the Legion as “Levity”. Levity is currently dating her teammate Quas-X.
Powers: Super strength/stamina/durability; energy absorption; magnetism powers that not only affect metal and electricity, but the natural magnetism of all atoms, which allows her to control reality on a small scale.

Amalgamation of: Talon + Timberwolf
Real Name: Londo
Biography: Londo’s father, a scientist from the moon of the planet Rimbor, experimented on him with the recently re-discovered T-Element (Terrigen Mists + X-Element), a substance that, before the Great Disaster, the New Eternals used to create their allies, the Godlikes (Inhumans + Forever People). He escaped from his father’s lab and met the Legion of the Galaxy. Londo aided the Legion in fighting a gang of criminals based on the Punishunter (Punisher + Manhunter), a pre-Disaster vigilante, and Londo was invited into the LotG. As a Legionnaire, Londo took the name “Talonwolf”. He and fellow Legionnaire Phantis eventually fell in love and had a son, Kui (Quoi + Cub).
Powers: Superhuman strength/speed/stamina/agility/senses/reflexes; fangs and claws; accelerated healing; states of feral rage.

Amalgamation of: Mantis + Phantom Girl
Real Name: Tinya Celestine
Biography: Tinya is the daughter of a human man and an alien mother. Since birth, she has been raised in a religious coven on her mother’s planet, Bgztl, which has some connection to a pocket dimension called the Parallel Zone (Negative Zone + Phantom Zone). Tinya developed her intangibility powers (common to her mother’s race), and became a powerful martial artist. Before her 13th birthday, Tinya was adopted by Bgztl’s senator in the United Planets, Winema Celestine. She left the temple for a new home, without learning that the priests believed her to be the future mother of the “Cosmic Messiah”.
Tinya Celestine, at the United Planet’s headquarters, discovered a bomb placed by terrorists and helps the Legion of the Galaxy dispose of it safely and defeat the terrorists. She is soon inducted into the Legion as “Phantis”. Phantis and her teammate Londo, aka Talonwolf, eventually fell in love and had a son, Kui Celestine.
Powers: Intangibility (passing through solid matter, flight, electronic distruption, immunity to energy and radiation); martial arts prowess.

Amalgamation of: Drax the Destroyer + Wildfire (amalgamation)
Real Name: Arthur Burroughs
Biography: Earth scientists Arthur Nigle and Drake Burroughs were held up in a satellite orbiting a sun, remotely test-driving a vehicle capable of traversing the surface of a star. An unpredicted solar flare launched the vehicle, brimming with ultraviolet radiation, into the satellite, causing it to crash into the nearby asteroid belt. Arthur and Drake were killed, incinerated by the radiation, but Deathseid captured a fragment of their souls, intending to create a new warrior to destroy King Magus, whose power rivals the New Eternal of Evil’s. Combining the spirit fragments, the minerals of the asteroid, and the sun’s radiation, the humans became a singular entity of sentient energy, housed in a humanoid robot shell. The new being, with the amalgamated memories of the two humans, calls itself Arthur Burroughs, though his new master calls him “Drakfire”. Drakfire was sent to search the cosmos for Adam Krinn, the artificial being destined to become King Magus. As Adam still struggled to contemplate his dark destiny, the Legion of the Galaxy’s former leader did not persuade Arthur to kill him nor side against Deathseid, only to take what he knew about the situation to form his own decision; Arthur chose to betray Deathseid. With Earth’s co-ordinates in hand (thanks to Adam), Drakfire came to Earth, just in time to aid the Legion in fighting a villain team called the Annihilation Five (Annihilation Wave + Fatal Five). He joins the team soon after.
Powers: Drakfire’s robotic shell has superhuman strength/durability/speed, and can survive in outer space; the living energy inside the shell that is his body can fire blasts of energy and heat, and fly using energy as a propulsion. Drakfire also wields knives in battle.

Amalgamation of: Maxam + Tyroc
Real Name: Max Stewart
Biography: Max Stewart came from the alternate future in which King Magus controls a large swaft the galaxy. He and his people broke away from the Circle of Truth and rebelled against it, forming their own continent that is capable of teleporting to any planet to escape King Magus’ forces. Max and other genetically-enhanced superhumans acted as the continent’s security force, each with their own powers, but when the Circle of Truth slaughtered every soldier except Max, codenamed “Tyxac”, he absorbed their powers and can now generate these effects with his super-screams. The scientists of his world sent Tyxac back in time to kill King Magus’ original form, Adam Cosmic, before he could become the power-hungry dictator, but Tyxac’s arrival was forseen by Saturna in a dream. By this time, Adam had learned of his dark destiny and decided to fight against it, explaining to Tyxac that if he couldn’t prevent his transformation, that he would have to be killed. This is why Tyxac was invited to stay with the Legion of the Galaxy.
Powers: By controlling the length, pitch, volume and other factors of his screams, Tyxac can cause several different effects based on those controlled factors. Powers he has displayed with these screams include size manipulation, psionic shielding, energy blasts, levitation, and other effects.

Amalgamation of: Replica + Chameleon Boy
Real Name: Rep Dagle
Biography: Ever since the Great Disaster, the alien race known as the skrultians (Skrulls + Martians) have lost their empire and 3/4ths of their number and became nomadic, interbreeding with a ability-mimicking race, the Xurdans (Xartans + Durlans). Ren Dagle, a skrultian/xurdan hybrid who emigrated to Earth with his pregnant wife, another S/X hybrid, became stuck in a human form when he contracted a disease. His wife and children were forced to take human form in public, to avoid confusion. Rep Dagle (aka Rebecca Stone) is the daughter of Ren Dagle, now the industrialist R.J. Stone, and twin sister of Krigt (aka Carson). Rep became the first recruit into her father’s sponsored hero team, the Legion of the Galaxy, under the name “Chamelica”. She was later named the heiress to her father’s company and fortune; her brother Krigt became jealous of his sister, and decided to regain his father’s favor by researching a cure for his father’s frozen form. An accident turned Krigt into a mad villain known as Shiftox (Venom 2099 + Chameleon Chief).
Powers: Shapeshifting, with the ability to copy the powers of those she’s impersonating (as long as she’s in that form, and only if she’s previously seen that person’s abilities firsthand).

Amalgamation of: Rocket Raccoon + Matter-Eater Lad
Real Name: “Rocky” Tenzil
Biography: When humankind started colonizing other worlds, a spaceship carrying both humans and animals crash-landed on an uncharted planet. The planet’s microscopic organisms accelerated the animals’ evolution, making them more human-like and intelligent, while the same organisms made the humans insane and mentally invalid. The super animals became the caretakers of the invalid humans, and they called their new world Halfoll (Halfworld + Bismoll). The microorganisms also made the ship’s food supply completely inedible, so the smartest of the evolved animals devised a serum that altered the humans and animals’ biology, allowing them to eat and digest any substance. Many super-animal citizens of the planet tried to join the Legion (and use their super-eating powers for good), but Rocky was the only one who could pass due to his greater cunning and weapon skills.
A humanoid raccoon named Tenzil (aka “Rocky”) was a police officer on Halfoll, which became a recognized civilization to the United Planets years before the Legion’s formation.
Powers: An anthropomorphic raccoon with human-level intelligence and a knack for combat tactics. He has the ability to bite through any substance (even force fields and supposedly indestructible metals, like adamantium), swallow it without harm, and digest it without complication. Rocky also has a jetpack and wields dual laser pistols.

Queen Wasp:
Amalgamation of: Yellowjacket + Insect Queen
Real Name: Lonna DeMara
Biography: Lonna DeMara, a xurdan, was manipulated into breaking into a secret Earth govt. facility, which contains the costumes and equipment of pre-Disaser superheroes and villains. The police tried to capture her, but, during the fire-fight, she accidentally (and permanently) copied the ancient genetic material of heroes Wingspan (Hank Pym + Hawkman) and Spider Boy (Spider-Man + Superboy). This gave her three permanent insect-like powers, and the ability to temporarily copy nearby insects’ powers. Lonna turned herself in, and revealed her boss’s true identity for the police to capture in exchange for leniency. With her new powers, Lonna decided to join the Legion of the Galaxy.
Powers: Shrinking powers; flight on insectoid wings; electric blasts; the innate ability to copy the powers of nearby super-small organisms (from insects to bacteria).

Amalgamation of: Bug + Gates
Alias: Ti'julk
Biography: On a microscopic planet, outside the jurisdiction of the United Planets, a thief known by the alias Ti’julk was banished from his world for his crimes. The now human-sized Ti’julk saw that this was a blessing in disguise, as the planets he visited from then on had allowed their people free will, and his planet was a freedom-less tyranny; this revelation did not, though, break his habit of kleptomania, and even his people’s natural teleportation powers could not help him escape capture by the Legion of the Galaxy. As punishment for his crime spree, Ti’julk was sentenced 5 years of service in the Legion. As the legionnaire “Deviant”, Ti’julk initially hated working for the LotG, but he eventually made friends and continued serving after his 5 years were up.
Powers: Teleportation; wields a mechanical lance; his less-than-human body structure allows Deviant to fit into tight spaces.
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