Ephemeral Lustre 0-6 discont. Picture

Old Tarot paintings, just thought I'd upload them for lack of anything else to upload (but old stuff)
Done around 2001, poster color... not very lovely composition, faulty execution... not my best... which is why I discontinued the series. I regret that I can't upload the rest... because they're mostly just lineart... and messy ones at that. I'll probably rework everything in time.
SO NO NEED TO POINT OUT MISTAKES!! I know they're there. but comments are welcome
The characters are (c) me
from Emphemeral Lustre my favorite story, my favorite characters... not here in Da or anywhere online.
0. Fool - Utamaru Miyu
1. Magus - Lady Ame
2. Priestess - Uramaru Koyumi
3. Empress - Katayama Baiko
4. Emperor - Katayama Raigo
5. Heirophant - Muragawa Kakuru (Ryuusei)
6. Lovers - Kisetsu and Chiheisen

(not in this deviation)
7. Chariot - Touha
8. Strength - Okimura Shizuka
9. Hermit - Kogane
10. Wheel of Fortune - Ji and Unmei
11. Justice - Tandoku
12. Hanged Man - Daimatsu
13. Death - Ontori
14. Temperance - Seirekka Anya
15. Devil - Queen Araia (Mokuren) (+Daimatsu and Zankoku)
16. Tower - Queen Hinode v/s Queen Araia
17. Star - Lord Ryuusei
18. Moon - Lady Tsuki (Baiko)
19. Sun - Lord Taiyou and Lady Sorae
20. Judgement - Touga, Baiko, and Lord Kage
21. Universe - Ryuusei and Baiko

I wish I could share this story with all of you guys!!

so I hope you just enjoy this.
If you're interested in more Ephemeral Lustre art... it's all over my gallery... just ask.
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