Alusi of the Odinani Picture

Same old things as before, just with more contrast and all together.
They're really made and intended to be viewed as all four together. so I thought it was important to reupload them~

*done with Acrylics and Photoshop*
From left to right:
Anyanwu, Eye of the Sun
Ekwensu, The Trickster
Owum-Miri, Lady of the Waters (aka as Mami Wata around the world)
Amadioha, Free-Will of the People

For one of my final projects last semester, I created this game called "Phase be to God". It was basically a game all about story telling through drawing and performance. The theme that I used was Nigerian (specifically Igbo) myth, and I interpreted some of the Alusi


Alot of these are departures from their traditional imagery. Additionally, their descriptions are definitely inspired by their origins (so there is some accuracy/overlap, but some of the backstory I just made up). I kind of ~breathed in their essence~ and then ~exhaled it into the canvas~ (and I'm all about pretty much all the work I create)

Here they are separately (if you want more thorough descriptions of each):
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