DtA Jaegeron Picture

Name: Icarus
Meaning: Greek mythology, man that wished to fly, built a pair of wings with feathers and wax, but ended up dieing for flying too close to the sun . The name represents his ambitions, his want for freedom and his disability that makes him unable to fly (hybridized).
Gender: Male
Species: Class 2 Jaeger, mix breed between human and Holocron.
Personality: Intelligent, serious, loyal to his jaeger family.
Likes: The forest, being around the other hybrids, hunting, running free, gliding.
Dislikes: Humans, scientists, technology, being treated as if he don't have feelings, seeing the other NK creatures getting hurt.
Dreams: One of Icarus' biggest dreams is of flying like his cousins, the Holocrons... He is proud of what he is, but it saddens him that he may never feel how it is to fly...
Backstory: Icarus was one of the first 12 artificialy created creatures, later named Jaegerons, a class 2 one. He was brother of the one that was taught about everything, history, science... And then the Project 9 taught all of her family, the other projects. She showed a human intelligence, being faithfully followed by her brother.

But he and the other subjects rebelled against the scientists, destroying all of their research and killed them all. After that, the experiments got to live on the Nicron Kingdom, closer to their Feral 'cousins'. The young half holocron still didn't felt content... He referred to himself as "Project 7", never really being given a name by his previous 'masters'. (How much he loathed that word...)

That was, until he met a strange Jaegeron, she was white and blue like him, but a class 1 one. She smiled down at him "Hey, you! Never saw you here before..." He just started at her, not knowing what to say. "What's wrong? The scientists got your tongue?"

At the mention of his nemesis, the male growled lightly. "pff calm down, will ya? My name is Anne!" She offered her hand to him, which he just eyed suspiciously.

"I don't have a name to go by..." He sadly said. "Whaaa? Strange... Everybody have a name... We gotta change that!" The female jumped in front of him, making his fur get spiked like a scared cat's.

"Eh?" The male tilted his head to the side. "A Name..."

"Hm... What about Sora?" She asked, ignoring his confusion. His face alone showed her how much he disliked it. "Eh... Typhoon?"

"What about no?" He said with a sour face.

"Okay, last one! Icarus! " She said, but regretted the next second. "Nah, nevermind-

"Wait, I kind of like this one... What does it means?" His long tail wagged happily.

"It is... The name of a mythological guy... One that dreamt of flying~" Anne finished in a dreaming way...

It was perfect, 'Icarus' thought... After all, by being a half breed he would never ever be able to fly like the pure Holocrons...

This is my try out for the class 2 Jaegeron on Flamey's sheet ewe I really fell for him at first sight huahahaha
I'll probably make another, more complex drawing...

Jaegerons belongs to =FlamesVoices CLOSED SPECIES!
Anne belongs to ~Tabby-Fox

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