Bat King v. Baron Von Mutt (We Trip as a Stew) F Picture

full image.

sorry about the bad quality photos. this piece obviously would not fit in a scanner, and i can't really hook my ipad to a scanner anyway.

i make traditional work like this a little less frequently than digital, but i never upload it because of the hassle of capturing it. there are many aspects of this piece that i wish were clearer, but one in particular is that the chariot/sun motif that the bat/jackal figure is sitting on has a piece of fabric containing nuclear warning symbols. there has been great interest as of late to various mythologies concerning destroyer figures, and while the text of the piece is relatively light-hearted and may detract from that theme (a reflection on ones tendencies to make light of uncofortable/bad situations/feelings?), it is nonetheless here, IMO. in general, i guess you could say that collage is an attempt to first create chaos by dissassembling things, and then to create a new order out of that. so i find that it istheperfect medium to attempt to capture the suspicion, paranoia, conspiracy finger-pointing, etc. that i feel whirling in the air in the current day. anyway, i hope you enjoy.

full text: a bat king had a crown atop its head sat long in the midst of a lush camp until barren baron von mutt occupied and demolished stained-glass window panes from the backyard drilling ready to respond we are a connected. arc our root promise will focus on making a dent in your life by refurbishing benefit we trip as a stew
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