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Corvus Brâhmsøn; King of the Crows
(Core-vuss Brah-m-sun | Corvus: Crow genus, Brâhm: Brân, Celtic god of Ravens)

Occupation: Reigning Bird Monarch
Gender: Male
Age: 27
Species: Greater Raven (Maiora-Corvus Corvidae)

Personality: Intelligent, cold, sadistic and spiteful, Corvus is as harsh as he is intimidating. Although he may carry himself as constantly cool and collected, this monarch is not one to be disrespected. His outlashes are destructive and devastating, and often leave a terrible trail. He's incredibly proud and equally vain, and if his 'beauty' is questioned he is extremely quick to lash out. He values his looks to an excess due to his obsession with his mother, whom was considered the most beautiful in all of the bird kingdom. Corvus is entirely unfearful of Death, in fact an amiable relationship is present between the two. His words cut deep, and he is nearly constantly condescending. The king does not care for your pathetic feelings. In fact, they quite bore him-- Unless, that is, they're feelings of pain and desperation. However this will only entertain him for so long, and his short attention span is not likely to be in your favour. Quick to insult and quicker to the draw, Corvus will not be caught in a situation in which he does not have the upper hand. It is rare that he enjoys another person, mostly due to his own pride. No matter, because he rarely leaves his castle. If he does wish for company, he'd rather have someone come to him, so he might sit in his imposing throne and glare with his trademark utmost contempt for their every breath.
The Crow King especially enjoys watching them bleed out, afterwards.

► Ability to travel in murders of crows (Will basically decompose into a giant flock of crows and fly away)
► Ability to control birds in varying degrees of power (Best with Corvidae birds like jays, crows, ravens etc. Worst with more humanized bird-people, but depends on their strength of mind)
► Can communicate with birds/speak most bird languages

Interests & Talents: Corvus is infatuated with astronomy, something he picked up as a child from his mother. He's also fond of cleanliness and preens quite often. Most of all, the bird king enjoys the sadistic 'arts' as he so fondly calls them. Among other talents, he's an avid cello player as well as fairly familiar with the piano. Has a large knowledge of avifauna.

History: (To be revealed)

► Secretly enjoys people who can survive his wrath. (He'll keep them around)
► His father was the one who caused the loss of support and growth of new, more specific, bird kingdoms. (He was a total psycho)
► His cape becomes his wings, and he can't become a bird without it. (Has a bird form. It's terrifying and huge.)
► Later in life he gouges out an eye in trade for wisdom. (Odin reference)
► He's very Norse inspired and speaks with a Norwegian accent.

Corvus is open to roleplay! ;~)

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