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The athletic tomboy type of girl that almost every anime (especially slice-of-life and magical girl stuff) has, and can now be found at Suburbia Academy as well... Maylin Walker!

Originally wanting to audition for the Improv Club, Maylin decided to join the Media Club after Blair suggested it (actually, because Ryouta was trying to save it from being disbanded). She is a prolific school athlete, and is highly skilled in several sports, including gymnastics, acrobatics, martial arts, volleyball, and swimming. She looks to add kendo to her resume of sports she excels at. Despite her tomboyish-ness, she likes doing typical teenage girl things, such as going to the mall and hanging out with friends. She has a highly sunny and likable personality, and always makes her friends laugh. When Emmett takes notice of her entrance into the Media Club, he is instantly smitten with her, but is too embarrassed to tell her (he hasn't even told his imouto, fearing she might be the tattling type if it comes to his crushes). Maylin is also very studious, and excels at world history.

Maylin Fun Facts:

- As far as anime character types are concerned, she is a mix of the "athletic tomboy" type with "funny girl"; I imagined her to be a girl that likes to do stand-up. (if this were a Japanese show, I think she's most likely refer to herself with "Boku", a first-person pronoun usually used by boys to refer to themselves, but also energetic girls and tomboys).

- She is fascinated with world history (so am I, actually), and her main focus is battles and weapons. She wishes to learn how to dual-wield katanas, and practices with bokkens she owns at home. She owns several books just on battles and weapons throughout time (and some on historical fashion).

- Likes playing anime RPGs. Also, her favorite mangaka is Tsunako.

- Of the four main girls, Maylin is the one with the biggest appetite. Forget salads and mineral water; this girl likes her burgers and cheesy fries with a root beer float. It's alright, because she's super active and does a lot of sports (though she might be the type that never gains weight; anime has a lot of those... YES, I'M LOOKING AT YOU, YUI HIRASAWA!).

- Her middle name is "Calliope" (Greek muse of epic poetry). I picked it to refer to her love of world history, and she especially loves the ancient world (though she can also ramble some epic jokes and amuse her friends LOL).

- Despite growing up a tomboy, she now likes more girly things, such as fashion, makeup, mall-shopping, slumber parties, spa visits (you get the idea). Tallulah may have had a hand in helping her. She plans to grow out her hair during the summer so she can put it in a braid (maybe ever with a flower clip or a bow!). In this drawing, she's actually wearing a bit of lip gloss to pretty herself up.

- Tallulah is Maylin's best friend; the two are practically inseparable. (you're probably wondering "This girl is Tally-chan's bestie?!! I would've imagined someone just as Harajuku-ish..." She even knows about Tally-chan's crush on Petrelli-senpai, and has kept it a secret out of not wanting to embarrass her friend (though she's thinking of trying to set them up on a date).

- Speaking of which, Petrelli-senpai is Maylin's neighbor.

- Her favorite pattern is chevrons. Or, as she like to call them, ZIG-ZAGS.

- Like Blair, Maylin also likes reading, but she prefers classics, such as mythology and Shakespeare.

- Ryouta has a huge crush on Maylin. She secretly has feelings for him too.

- Maylin's eyes are frequently joked about in the series due to their pallor (right next to Blair's orange hair being made of Vitamin C), with lines such as "they are so clear they can see into your soul", "or that' she's eternally stuck in the Avatar State". Being that Emmett-senpai is smitten with her, he likes to think of her eyes as "cold ice crystals with the radiance of the sun in the summer sky, glistening like the sun on the ocean waves" (Emmett's quite a cheesy romantic).

- Prefers shounen manga over shoujo; titles such as Sword Art Online, Bamboo Blade, and anything involving martial arts, fighting, mecha, and action is right up her alley.

- When fancy occasions come, this simple girl transforms into an image of grace and femininity. Given the opportunity (such as Emmett's annual Academy Awards viewing parties), Maylin will look stunning in a formal (or semi-formal) dress, her hair fixed up with a bow, and some heels, along with a clutch bag in hand.

And, that's pretty much what I've got to say about Maylin. Hope to finish sketching the next character (for now) soon so I can color him. Until then, enjoy!

Character © of me

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