Ammy Picture

'ya big furball!'

Second Part of my little Okami fan art!

Not really different from the first one, although it now features the two heroes of the game, Ôkami Amaterasu -the white wolf- and Issun -who is NOT a bug- who try to bring back harmony and beauty in Nippon, the country Amaterasu is the goddess of.

Sooo... Amaterasu is a direct reference to... Amaterasu, the Sun Goddess of the japanese Shinto mythology, born from the right eye of Izanagi -again, i invite you to check more if you're interested, it's FASCINATING.- and Issun comes from the japanese tale 'Issun no Boshi' -the one inch boy, a sorta japanese Tom Thumb-.

Well, it's my first time drawing a wolf and i have to admit i am quite pleased with it, despite the minor errors..
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