Creation of the Realms Picture

For Book of Realms, I created its own Mythos. I wrote these ideas down during my study hall and then typed it on my laptop so today I drew it! This Mythos basically explains why these supernatural creatures were created on Earth. They have their own mythology/legends; meaning that they aren't really tied to any religion but their own.

The Cosmos "The Goddess of the Universe"
-She is the main goddess, was once the size of a small orange before she exploded (big bang) and thousands of stars and planets were created.
-She takes no forms because she is literally the entire universe therefore no one knows what she looks like.
-She has two suns as her eyes and only can communicate by whispering to the Earth (her stars)

The Four Daughters
-The Cosmos had four daughters that each resemble the four main elements, "Fire, Earth, Water, and Air"
-They are nymph-like, demigods
-They too have daughters that represent the seasons, "Fall, Spring, Winter, and Summer"

The Fallen Star
-God of Mischief, Chaos, Leader of the Parallel Worlds
-Appears as a Lich
-Can cast spells and make deals with humans. Also enjoys ruining nature and causing mass destruction
-Has impregnated each daughter and has breed supernatural creatures such as vampires, werewolves, mermaids, fairies, dragons, etc.

I will color it later probably

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