The Architect Picture

Next one in my card series. Ariadne/The Architect.

Why is there a maze behind her?
- She builds mazes in Inception, that's her job.

What is she doing?
- She is holding a pair of scissors and she is ready to cut the thread that points to the exit. Because Ariadne is also a mythological character who led Theseus in and out of a maze with a thread (and he rewarded her by dropping her on a rock in the middle of the sea). To be short: I made a pun.

Why are there chess pieces?
- The biggest one is the Bishop, it's Ariadne's totem. It allows her to differentiate the real world from the world of the dream. I added more pieces because I wanted to.

Tools: black and red ballpoint pens, markers, pencils. No paint this time, I want to experiment with other media. This piece was much brighter before it was scanned though...

Disclaimer: Ariadne belongs to her creator, Christopher Nolan (I guess).

I have also started to make a list of the cards I'll draw:
- The High Priestess (love, wisdom) > Barbara Gordon
- The Hierophant (education, duality) > Ariadne

The next ones are (I'm not quite certain regarding the new names and you'll have to guess who they'll be):
- The Magician > The Acrobat
- The Empress > The Thief
- The Lovers > The Avengers
- The Hermit > The Rogue
- The Sun > The Wonder
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