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(this is an assignment for an online graphic design course I am currently taking)
Title: Narcissus the name
Time: 6 hrs and 30 mins in total, and another hour waiting for Photoshop to stop crashing.
Work inspired from 2 Greek Mythology stories, and my name (no kidding, yeah, I'm not kidding, sound crazy but no).
People usually ask why I have 2 Thuy in my name (my full name is Trương Thụy Thủy Tiên), if you notice carefully, the accent marks of those 2 Thuy are different: "Thụy" means "fragile" in (Chinese-influenced) Vietnamese and "Thủy " means "water". But my name is taken from a flower that the northern people (especially rich family) normally buy for Tet holiday as a hope for good luck and transparency like the white color of the flower, Narcissus ("Thủy Tiên" means "Narcissus", the element water is put in the flower's name because this flower is most beautiful when grown in water). So my name means "the fragile narcissus flower", or so said my father who named me.
But, rarely do people notice, my name actually has 2 meanings. The word "Thụy" has a second meaning: "poisonous and deadly", this meaning is rarely used in Vietnamese, but if you read very old Vietnamese literature, you will see this word with this meaning a lot. So in other word, my name can also mean "the poisonous narcissus", which is true because narcissus flowers are not only famous for its beauty, but also for its deadly poison lying within its bulbs. One bite of the bulb can either lead you to the hospital, alive (if you are darn lucky) or straight to the graveyard. Also, there is a hidden rule in flower arrangement, if you have already cut the narcissus flower from its root, better arrange it alone, separately from other flowers because the sap from narcissus flower will make other flower wither. So that can explain a little bit why narcissus flower is said to represent "selfishness and self-loving, high ego", e beautiful flower on the outside with a very poisonous core on the inside.
The 2 Greek Mythology that inspired me, one is the myth about the appearance of narcissus:
In short, Narcissus was a beautiful boy who loved nothing and no one but himself, and he played with people's feelings, including the love that one of the Goddess gave him, leading her to kill herself. The Gods were upset of Narcissus's act and put a curse on him, making him fall in love with his own reflection on the river. He was so in love with his reflection that he killed himself, and later from where he died, a beautiful white flower and yellow trumpet grew up, they said the trumpet is used to hold Narcissus's tears of regret, or the tear of not people able to touch his beautiful self (yeah, creepy bastard detected).
The second Greek Mythology I was inspired from is the myth about Scylla, a beautiful lady that was turned into a sea monster for being the love of a sea god. A sorceress put potion into the river where Scylla normally bathed and she turned into a monster with the upper body of a human but the lower body was a mix of snakes, dogs and other kinds of animals:
In some versions, Scylla was described as a beautiful lady with hair as golden as sun rays, the look of an innocent child with eyes closed dreamingly. The sailors on the boat saw such beautiful girl sitting alone on a rock by the sea and started approaching her, but as the moment they approached, they were horrified by the scene of 6 deadly beasts all jumped out from her long dress, and worse, those beats were attached to her upper body! The 6 beats were: a bat, a giant wasp, a snake, a bear, a wolf and an eagle. If you have read Saint Seya manga, you might be familiar with this character: Scylla Io:
To sum up quickly, I just want to create something with 2 sides, a beautiful one that everyone can see, and a dark hidden one.
Will redo this one when I have time and after fixing photoshop since mine keep crashing over and over again.
Thank you beautiful Jessica of Faeastock for letting me used your stock:

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