Inmortality Symbol Picture

Symbol Analysis by PoptarsNinja at [link]
First off, I'd like to say that this was just an exercise done for fun, and has no bearing on the real world or Warhammer 40k fluff. I'm not going to cite sources for mythological data, the archetypes are fairly universal and can be tracked down easily enough.

The symbol of the Necron race is as striking as it is recognisable. But what does this simple combination of lines actually say?

Looking closely, it can be imagined that the symbol went through a variety of changes as the Necrontyr developed. The early stages of the symbol were probably similar to that of 'The Tree', an archetypal symbol present in many mythologies. The tree, shown below in the form of the Christian Cross (left), and the Lakota tree (right).

The Tree is a mythological archetype that typically represents both creation of life and rebirth. The Tree is probably an early relic of Necrontyr philosophy, as every member of the race was destined to die in a slow and painful fashion due to the harsh nature of the Necrontyr homeworld. The earliest version of the Necron symbol was most likely religious in nature, pertaining to 'a better life' in the afterlife, while implying the origin of the race.

With the tree as a base, it can also be presumed that a second image, that of 'The Sun', was added later.

The Sun is another archetypal image signifying death and rebirth. The Necrontyr sun was particularly deadly, but it seems likely that the Sun imagery was added after the discovery of the C'Tan, the 'Star Gods'. When viewed in this light, the Sun can be seen as a symbol of hope to the Necrontyr, perhaps even implying the C'Tan promise to grant the Necrontyr eternal life.

The final addition to the Necron symbol would then be The Boat.

Although not an archetypal image, the Boat had a great deal of meaning to the Egyptians, upon whom the Necrontyr are loosely based. It was seen as the vessel that bore the soul to the afterlife, and when placed above the sun symbolizes a journey into the land of the dead. As a "vessel for the Soul", The Boat in the Necron symbol could possibly be the promise of the C'Tan to render the Necrontyr 'Deathless', and as such contains quite a bit of ironic meaning (the C'Tan were lying, the Necrons are soulless, if intelligent).

If interpreted this way, the final product...

... can be interpreted as the story of the entire Necrontyr race, from their beginning, to the 'birth' of the Star Gods, to their rebirth as the soulless Necrons. It's a symbol that implies both suffering and false promises, a symbol that implies the death of the Galaxy with the addition of the central skull motif found on Necron Monoliths.
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