3 tailed bat wind devil Picture

description: There are 9 devils and the more the amount of tails it has the more powerful it is, example; the nine tails is the most powerful and the one tail is the weakest, also the amount of tails the devil has determines how much power he or she has over another, so saying it is like a hierarchy because the higher ranking the devil the more absolute the command is to a lower rank . The devils rule the underworld together each having a specific territory, but even though they are siblings and rule together they do not get along. Each devil has their own specific elemental power, and animal spirit. The devils are effectively immortal, they can be killed but it is very difficult. There is only one way to kill one of the devils ( 9 in total) it is to destroy their demon heart BUT the heart is hidden literally in a private dimension and take a specific form, but even then they will be reincarnated to another being by birth. They are born with physical bodies from the mortal realm, in this world it is based in the 17th century of a mythology/magical universe.

Name: Viento

age: ageless but resembles 17 ( second youngest)

sexuality: pansexual

rank: 3 tails

nationality: Peruvian

animal: bat

Demon heart form: it's a grey cloud in a tornado with sun beams going through it.

maid deadly sin: greed

personality: she has a short attention span and can do many forms of paper work. She very much believes actions speak louder than words, she prefers for her actions to speak rather an explaining things a more physical rather than emotional/mental. She is Superstitious. She is also very sensitive to her surroundings and very perspective of the situation she is on and people around her. She as great hand to hand combat skills she tends to want allot of wealthy items and is very ambitious to get what she wants. She tries to act polite to strangers but she is mostly a laid back perso who doesn't have much of a temper. She refuses to fight the weak and prefers not to lie and is willing to make a bargain to get what she wants but usually really bad ones that are usually taken more as a joke. She has a straight forward demeanour and doesn't hold back the truth. She is very loyal to a close few and not allow anything to happen to them. When she does fight she fights very viciously . She is connected to nature and spiritual things. Pushed has a deep love for open spaces and does get claustrophobic . She tends to be rought with people she finds likeable . She refuses to clean at all. She loves the day and the sun pretty much an anti bat is very extroverted and energetic . She loves affection and tends to be very huggable but refuses to let go. Has a strong intuition.

likes: sun bathing, hiking, alpacas, fruit and milky drinks. People touching her wings, summer, shiny things especially gold. Yogurt, ponchos, potatoes.

dislikes. Cold things, tight spaces, being thought of as evil. No company, hates sad people, meat, loud nioses, being indoors, people touching her possessions, winter, nerds, reading,

abilities: illusions do not work one her, doesn't need sleep, can turn into wind. Some of her weaknesses is that she gets tired using her wind power too much. Using her powers near flame magic makes the flames hotter and bigger. Can blow strong wind. Can create tornados. Razor wind. Aero-kenosis. Can decent changes and disturbed in the air currents. Can control the weather and create storms . Can control the particles in the air like oxigen, nitrogen and carbon dioxide etc. can control the pressure of air .
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