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This was the second day and and Krearknartok had found that, while his new body was not all that different in form and shape from his normal one, the size was tremendous. Good lord it was like going from being a god to waking up one day and finding out you were nothing more then a peasant truly the entire time. While Krea was very annoyed by this he also found it very, very humbling. He was glad that his bear companion, Rook, had been with him upon his transformation or even he would not believe what he'd been turned into. And he and Rook did both oh so ever love going out to hunt foxes, Krea toted around his favourite on his head most of the time.
However considering his name did indeed mean silver fox it rather rather appropriate the spirits had given him this form to live life through.

Out and alone, skulking around silently through the bushes while Rook spent his time out in the open keeping a wary eye for predator animals, Krea foraged for food. He found it much harder to catch his prey having before replied on brute strength. Now there was certainly more finesse and cunning that he needed to put into his routine to catch food. While berries he did enjoy to munch on from time to time it was simply not enough to satisfy his carnivorous needs.
Stomach growling Krea lowered himself onto his haunches, quietly sneaking away from Rook so he would be a little more hidden without this great big bear stomping around. Okay... so Rook did not exactly stomp, but it did scare off some of the smaller prey. Keen eyes searching for his next meal the little predator could feel his energies picking up and his senses maxed as he filtered through the camouflaged undergrowth.
There. He had almost missed it the little thing was so still.

A rabbit, sitting quietly sun bathing in the gap of overhead branches enjoying the fleeting moment of sun that they had had all day. He knew this moment would not last long at all, and hopefully Krea would be able to catch it off guard. Carefully lowering down to tread just on the tips of his paws the hunter stalked his prey. Eyes gleaming in the light, thought soon it began to fade.


Leaping from his hiding place right as the rays of sun disappeared, cloud cover giving his silver form just a hint more of a hidden look the rabbit did indeed spot him as he was sprinting forward. Turning on its heels to give chase Krea put all his energy into this chase, quickly gaining on the rabbit he could almost taste its sweet flesh in his mouth as he got closer and closer. But unluckily for Krea this was not his turn to be the hunter. Instead a black Tokota came into view in the corner of his eye, Krea could tell she'd been waiting for him to make a move and use the rabbit as a distraction to capture the silver fox. But not today, aware of what was going on Krea left the rabbit and darted out onto the open field. He knew he could not out run the bigger beast, all he needed to do was make it to that rabbit warren hole and he would be safe.
Shit shit shit! She'd been faster then he thought, tail grabbed by the female Tokota Krea's eyes shut tight preparing for the end.


Rook slid to a stop, his maw agape and a nasty snarl throwing the female Tokota completely off guard. Dropping Krea from her wide open mouth she stumbled back, not really sure what to do against such a protective partner.

630 Words

10.Your Tokota awakes in a body that is not of their own species (human, animal, mythological, anthropomorphic.) While learning to cope with their unfamiliar anatomy, they must find a way to return to their natural self.

Third PotA prompt for KirasDarkLight 's Krearnartok 7404

Krea finds himself turned into a silver fox, and his companion helps to protect him from other hungry tokotas.

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