Avurudu Kumaraya Picture

Sinhala New Year celebrations formed a significant event in the life of people, particularly the villagers. When the distant cry of the cuckoo is heard and the Erabadu trees are in blossom, the people in the village, particularly children know that Sinhala New Year festivities are round the corner.
The Sinhala New Year dawns with the astrological transition of the sun from the zodiac house of Meena (Pisces) to the house of Mesha (Aries) after completing a 365 day cycle and is the most important national and cultural festivals in Sri Lanka. The mythological concept of the Aluth Avurudda is that the Avurudu Kumaraya referred to as Indradeva. In certain areas in the South of Sri Lanka, people light an oil lamp for the Avurudu Kumaraya at the time of his arrival, seeking his special blessings.

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