La complainte du phoque en alaska Picture

This drawing was created for a school project in 2013. We had to create the cover image of a song. I choosed the song '' La complainte du phoque en alaska'' from Beau Dommage.

You can listen the song here (french song):…

I tried to translate the lyrics in English:

Believe me, believe me not, somewhere in Alaska
There is a seal who's bored a lot
His girlfriend is gone to gain her life
In a circus in the United States

The seal is alone, he looks at the sun
Which descend gently on the glacier
He thinks about the United States, weeping softly
It's like that when your girlfriend abandoned you

It's not worth it
To let those we love
To go make turn
Ballons on our nose
This makes children laugh
This never last long
This doesn't make laugh anymore anybody
When the children are grown

When the seal is bored, he looks his hair that shines
Like the streets of New York after the rain
He dreams of Chicago, to Marylin Monroe
He wants to see his girlfriend doing a show

It's just a story, I can't make me believe it
But sometimes I feel that it's me
Who sits on the ice, both hands in the face
My love is gone and and I'm bored



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