Things That Go Bump In The Night Picture

Revamped version of an old character, still sketchy.. will probably look totes different when I finish him..
Meant to be sorta a monsterous loosely-humanoid.. thing. I didn't really have any big design statement in mind when i started scribbling things XD
Probably gonna ditch the sideways mouth face design cos I already decided that's going on that "giant floating heads" dragon instead. Repetitiveness sucks. (Plus its not even very visible on this guy with his emo fringe.. he's better as just.. that guy who has no face aside from one eye)

Anyway this is a Bwygan. (Real name Terrance Goodwin but nobody exactly talks to him when he's attacking them so how would you know?) He's one of the monsters under the bed, the boggarts, bogeymen.. the whatever you wanna call them. The eldritch spirits that hide in the shadows when the sun goes down and feast upon naughty children or spirit them away in thier gunnysacks...
The Bwygan are shrouded in myth and have many regional forms based on whatever cautionary story is most popular, but they all follow the same rules and habits. Unknown to puny mortals, they're actually completely harmless. They're emotion eaters that DO feast upon people... but they just eat fear and don't physically hurt anyone. STill not exactly pleasant though- they seep inside your eyes and create nightmares to harvest thier precious sustinance, and might spend months or years leeching off a particularly plump host. After all if you reduce a guy to the kind of jibbering wreck who's terrified of his own shadow, you don't need to put all that effort into your acting.
Goodwin here is basically just a representative of the species as an enemy character, but he does have a bit of plot behind him. By day he's a seemingly-normal skittish travelling ringleader who's petrified of everything and convinced that invisible monsters are haunting him.. by night he's this ferocious creature that revels in scaring the pants off of people and lapping up thier delicious fear like the finest wine. (And inadvertantly causing everything that he thinks is a sign of ghosts, like scratching up the walls, waking up naked in a field somewhere or just finding that SOME MYSTERY PERSON USED UP ALL THE MILK, DUN DUN DUN) Ultimately even his monster side is still sympathetic though, acting more like a hammy horror actor than genuine evil. His personal scaring style brings in a lot of circus flair and sometimes he'll just give people a free show in thier dreams for the fun of it. So he ain't all bad.

Originally he was meant to be a standalone character for a short story but I think I'll throw him in with all these game ideas for Beckoning Reverie. So he'd be a species of fairy much like Bwygans already are in mythology... yeah it actually fits really well into that universe o.O I dunno what I was thinking. (Well, all the non-welsh versions of the "monster under the bed that steals children in a sack" archetype are either standalones or part of a different regional monster category (demons, vampires, etc..) Its very confusing. But if there's so many similar tales all over the world, doesn't it prove that they're real? XD)
However it does mean that I've gotta go back and redesign him as an anthro instead of a human. (Not sure if I'll leave his monster design like this... people without horns and tails are probably as creepy to a tuarthan as a faceless dude would be to us! XD)
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