HM:Japanese Gods, Demons, n Co Picture

This is what happens when I make all my characters look alike.

All of these characters belong to same story as my Japanese demon from the Age Meme.

From Left to Right

1.) Sugawara Enrai(Mayor) Self-proclaimed leader of a village of yokai that live on the outskirts of a human village during the Meiji Restoration. Its hard to tell but he is an Oni, a Japanese ogre. Unlike most of the demons, Sugawara believes that in order to survive the village must accept the changes that are rapidly occurring around him.

2.)Princess Seonmi- a long forgotten daughter of one of the early Kings of Kingdom of Silla of Korea. She was executed following the rejection of her suitor, a Prince of Baekje. The story also involves a dragon but it was never fully fleshed out. (PS: she is completely fictional)

3.)Boy- This is my little half demon all grown up. He received the feather from a kitsune who told him that it would allow him to transform into a crow. You can find a sketch of him in western clothes on one of my recent pchat dumps. His character very much revolved around a conflict in identity, growing up a half-demon in a rapidly modernizing world.

4.)Emperor Antoku- is the 81st Emperor of Japan and an essential figure in the Genpei War. He was only two when his grandfather from the Taira clan put him on the throne. An opposing clan selected their own candidate and sent out a call to war. Towards the end of the conflict, at the age of 7, Antoku was caught in the middle of a battle at sea. Instead of being taken as hostages, Antoku's grandmother grabbed the boy and jumped into the ocean where they drowned. I've toyed with the idea that he survives the ordeal and, thus, contributes to the storyline.

5.) Susano'o (or Take haya susanoo no mikoto)- Shinto god of the storms and the sea. One of the three gods born of the god Izanagi. Originally he lived in the heavens which were ruled by his sister, the sun Goddess Amaterasu. His mischief gets him kicked down to earth where he continues to get into more trouble. By the Meiji Period he is barely a shadow of his former self after having saved Japan from a series of Mongol attacks using a divine wind(kamikaze).

6.) Murakumo(Ama-no-Murakumo-no-Tsurugi)/ Zhi(Genbu) - Kumo was once one half of the directional deity Genbu from Chinese mythology. After a smackdown from his brother, Kumo was transformed into a sword/servant. Susanoo stole the sword during a fight with the dragon Yamata no Orochi. Susanoo offered the sword to his sister because he recognized its strength. She, in turn, gave to her grandson as part of the official regalia of imperial line of Japan. It is believed that Antoku had the sword on him when he drowned.

7.) Amaterasu Oomikami- or at least her "nigimitama". The benevolent aspect of her being. There are believe to be two parts to the soul, a benevolent side, and the rough side (aramitama). Her ferocious side places a "curse" on Murakumo to guard/serve her offspring on earth until he is able to lift the spell himself. The nigimitama featured here is the one who descends to set him free.
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